50 First Dates - Movie

50 First Dates The movie I’m writing my paper on is 50 First Dates. It’s about a guy named Henry trying to build a romantic relationship with a girl named Lucy. How they went through there ups and downs in forming that relationship. Henry at first was in to short-term attractions to the tourist and very disclosed. He was afraid of commitment because of what he went through in college. He would jump from one sexual attraction to another not think anything of it.

While Lucy who had a mental disorder called Goldfield Syndrome, which made her lose her short-term memory. Really had no chose on being in a relationship because she wouldn’t remember the person the next day. That would all change the moment Henry first saw her in a cafe. Henry at first was into hooking up with the tourist women knowing that they were leaving soon. He had a lot of short-term initials with those women. He would show them a good time while they were on vacation and then lie to them about who he was so they wouldn’t look for him.

Henry didn’t really seem like he wanted to fall in love with anyone because of his girlfriend in college breaking his heart. He was very disclosed to these ladies not letting his feelings get out there. Lucy on the other hand had no relationships with any one because of the disorder. If she got to know someone one day she would forget him the very next day. A year before she was in a car accident which caused her to lose her short-term memory.

She was living the same day for over a year with the help of her family lying to her about what day and year it was. So one day Henry went to eat breakfast at this local cafe when he laid his eyes on Lucy. He had a physical attraction to her the very first time he saw her. Lucy was sitting in a booth making a pancake house when Henry decided to walk over there and compliment her on the design. They hit it off very well at the beginning and started to talk while they ate breakfast. They had a lot of similarity from the…

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50 First Dates - Movie
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