Education Is an Effective Tool in Our Efforts to Build

a. Education is an effective tool in our efforts to build a more equitable society. b. Therefore, equal educational opportunities must be available to all citizens. “Providing students opportunities at school does not guarantee success if students watch television rather than do their homework—and parents let them. By assuming that any set of reform ideas can magically create a well-educated citizenry, we oversell the role of policy-making. Education requires initiative, a trait notoriously difficult to create or impose” (Hood, 1993).

I believe the author is reporting from a symbolic interactionism theorist’s (and possibly throughout to include the conflict perspective) point of view after reading this article, (which by the way is a pretty good read). The NCLB Act along with Black Star Project Contract for Finishing High School, early childhood, teacher (The New Teacher Project, etc…) and student based programs along with funding reform, which have been put into action since 2001 and to present, have all helped in order to maintain a more equal and balanced system.

However I must agree with John Hood, no matter what is done to close this gap, incentives, free this or that, ticket to this or ticket for that, if it is not embedded into any child the importance of education for their future, the problem will continue to be viewed as a social issue which needs to continuously be experimented with. “For example, a 2011 U. S. Department of Education Report revealed that more than 40% of low-income schools across the United States receive less state and local funding than schools in higher income areas with schools of the same grade levels” (Korgen, Furst, 2012).

I really believe that this is somewhat of a cycle or circle if you will. Let’s see, lower income areas get less funding from state and local government, this is a claim that boggles my mind because as an Ohioan I see this to be an untrue statement first off. Higher income areas pay higher taxes on properties because they have earned their way into such communities, no matter the “skin color,” therefore they also expect that much of these tax dollars are utilized for such things as the educational system.

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Education Is an Effective Tool in Our Efforts to Build
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Nevertheless, at least in this state, the lower income families and communities get better state and local funding in order to achieve the equal amount of opportunity that those who can afford to live in areas of higher property value. Because higher income areas and families pay out of pocket, it becomes unnecessary for state and local funding. I am not saying this due to some underlying agenda or meaning, I live in the suburbs but my income is considered below poverty level, so it has nothing to do with any inner thoughts, it is just a fact.

To me, everything about the education system and the economy are nothing short of a conundrum: Securing equal opportunity to all citizens, which has been in the works for a very long time as a core value of the American people, to attain proper education, push college and offer funds and means for all to attend college, yet when all is said and done, what happens when they get their degrees and diplomas and there are no employment availabilities?

Oh wait, there is an agenda, make sure that it is equally contributed through the racial aspect, therefore the person who may qualify for the position better than any other, may not land that job because statistics claim that the balance of race must be equal… this goes each way, no matter your background or race, all races lose out because of this. We are the human race period and if you believe that education, have been raised to understand the importance of it, than nothing will detour you from the dream we have all been given equally to attend school and learn.

Every year we are given these statistics which either show decline or upward climb in the educational system, and for decades it is always something and shaped into inequality, however every year some new political stance is taken to create “equal” rights of education to all as though it is not already happening. Sadly I think this is why it is a social issue, because race is used as its core and it is portrayed that “minority” receive a lesser value, and are still treated as second class citizens, I’m sorry, I do not agree with this any further.

Every human, no matter race, religion or whatever, has the opportunity to become educated and create a good life for themselves and family, but not everyone is willing to do the work. This country is tilting the scale and who are considered minorities in the eyes of what we have learned or made to learn, are not actually minority based on race any more when education or economy come into play: I think the only true minority who suffers today are the Indigenous Native American’s who had their land stolen, otherwise, the above mentioned equal opportunity to all is working to close this “gap” more rapidly.

On another note, because of this failing public education, I chose to home school my daughter and oldest son, however my twins go to a public school now and all four are and were honor and citizenship role students. Not just because of one entity such as teacher, principle, or whom/whatever, but because as a parent I taught them the importance of allowing themselves to make individual choices and ones which will ensure a better future for themselves.

It starts at home and from there, even the least paid teacher can teach you something. Reference: Korgen, K. , & Furst, G. (2012). Social problems causes & responses. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education. Retrieved from https://content. ashford. edu/books/AUSOC203. 12. 1 Hood, J. (1993, February). The failure of American public education. The Freeman, 43(2), Retrieved from http://www. thefreemanonline. org/columns/the-failure-of-american-public-education/

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