A Knights Tale

a knights tale [pic] “A knight’s tale” is a movie that was based in the medieval time. The movie focussed on jousting and gives us an outlook on medieval time. This essay about the movie will explain what is fact or fiction. The topics that will be covered are; songs in the movie, Dancing, jousting, transport and hair style. Hair styles in the movie are like some of them from the medieval times but most of the hairstyles in the movie are modern hairstyles.

Such as, people in medieval times use to were these head dresses and they couldn’t dye their hair all these different colours like modern day people can because they didn’t have the materials to dye hair. Music in this film was modern, an example includes the song ‘we will rock you’ by Queen however, in the proper medieval times music was played at dinner time and at parties. They used to play little songs about kings and adventurers.

Jousting in the medieval time was pretty dangerous and when you fall off the house the jouster’s would have to sword fight till one of the knights would yield but in the movie the characters just kept jousting until one of them got hit off the horse then the other person won the tournament or every time one of them got hit one of the people put a stick in with a white bit of cotton In this wood thing so u could keep score of how many times they got hit and if they get to 5 the guy that hits the other dude 5 time wins.

In the movie a knight’s tale at the start they were on a boat that was connected to a chain an people on the other side of the river were pulling the chain to make the boat come across the water but in medieval time they would have used ores to paddle across the water instead of peasants pulling the boat/ barge and only rich people have horses because they cost a lot. Most people in the medieval times would wear woollen clothing with ndergarments made of linen. Brighter colours better materials and a longer jacket length were usually signs of greater wealth. But in the movie clothing was a bit modern that they made look like it was from back then. In conclusion the movie a knight’s tale was mostly a fairly modern movie with a bit of real things that did happen back in the day like getting hanged and locked up in cages and there was jousting, sword fighting and some other things like that

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