Adele: Rise of the Mummy (Movie Review)

Movie Review ADELE: RISE OF THE MUMMY Adele: Rise of the Mummy is a movie adaptation of the comic series of Jacques Tardi and directed by Luc Besson (“The Fifth Element”). The genre of this is more on adventure, action and comedy. It tackles about the adventures of the author Adele Blanc-Sec on her search for the mummy Patmosis, physician of the great pharaoh Ramses II of Egypt. With the help of Esperandieu, a physicist, and his concept of life after death, the plan is to resuscitate Patmosis to cure her paralyzed/almost dead sister.

The story doesn’t only focuses on the concept of mummy but also to a pterodactyl which was hatched after 135 million years. It also narrates reality stuffs, the policeman, the commissioner, and those higher to them on how they use their influence, the scientists and their role in science relating to present issues. It is quite of lousy tactics when it comes to graphics. The pterodactyl seems to be not so realistic, though mummies were really nice.

Also, the props used such as the breath analyzer which was used in the earlier part is catchy, the telephone and typewriter are of some antique kind. The emotions also have a spec and shifting of these emotions is suitable with regards to the scenes. For example, it goes sombre when Adele talks about her sister, and goes ra-ta-tat when Adele is in situation where she’s desperate. The humor that evolved throughout the film is of limited access to most of the audience since most of them are French “thing”.

Such stuffs are mostly inside jokes about French politics, cuisine, and the museum itself. Some are clearer upon second viewing. The movie didn’t catch the bottom part of Filipino taste when it comes to comedy films. However, the film is quite educational and interesting in its own simple way, introducing the minor Egypt culture when it comes to mummifying bodies, stating most traditions like pharaohs usually bring with them their slaves and gold upon dying.

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The concept of life and death was also mentioned, relating it to some kind of scientific issues. The title itself is intriguing. True that the mummy rise from the grave, but what happens next is quite unexpected since it was drolly funny. Thumbs up for Besson for a job well done. I never imagined watching this one in such manner. And that is the twist that invites laughs of genuine amusement, not derision.

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