Adjective Essay

Tanashia Smith Davis IWW 1 Adjective Essay Nov. 13. 2012 Who I Am Everyone has someone who’s inspired them or made them who they are today. I always looked up to Oprah Winfrey when I watched her shows; I always tend to smile because the things she said. She always was happy and she cared for everyone and made her a lot of money. I always said to myself I wanted to be like Oprah Winfrey, I might not make as much money as her but I want to be like her. I push myself to be caring, Independent, and honest because that’s how Oprah Winfrey was constructed.

As I grew up I always helped others, whether it’s working with them as a career or just volunteering. Thus I describe myself as caring. I say I’m caring because I love helping others, like my family and my friends. When my mom used to work with adults with special needs, I always used to go with her and teach them how to read and write. Doing these things makes me happy because I can look back at it and one day tell my kids about what I did and how happy I was. When their down I‘m always there for support or anything they need.

Something that really inspired me most was when I see commercials about abused animals and children in starvation. When I notice animals and children suffering, it’s a big deal to me. Now that I’m older, I appreciate more things and I want to help others out as well. When you become older and mature you see more and more qualities in yourself. One that I seen was independent because I don’t like counting on others to do things for me, and when you’re self-reliant you can do a lot more things on your own. What made me be independent was my family.

When I see my cousins they already have cars, their own jobs and some have their own houses; as I see those characteristics, I want to become independent. It’s good to be independent because you work good alone and you might just get things done a lot faster by yourself. The last adjective that I would say describes myself is honest. In middle school and high school people wouldn’t tell the full truth. I use to think, Why lie? It’s easier if you can just tell the truth. I don’t know if they was scared to tell the truth; or that they really didn’t care. In my opinion being honest is the best feeling, and the best thing you can ever do.

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I would rather be hurt with the truth; then confronted by a lie even though the truth might hurt it’s still good to tell the truth. If someone was to ask me what are the main three adjectives that describe you I would say Caring, Independent, and Honest because those are strong things to be. My family and friends inspired me to be independent and I already took one step by getting a job to make my own money. Caring because i’m always there for my friends and Honest because being honest can lead to trustworthy and its good to have both especially if you want to be caring and independent so they basically all tie into each other.

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