Adversity Bringing the Best or Worst in People

Adversity Bringing Out The Best or Good? Recently a tragedy has occurred in New York and many other states being known as “Hurricane Sandy” leaving a mark on our lives. Sometimes in life when natural disasters occur or in general when unfortunate cases occur adversity can truly bring out the real person whether for good or bad. I personally believe adversity brings out the best because in most cases you see people helping by any means and actually some have sacrificed their lives just for the safety of others.

I mean if this doesn’t bring out the best, what does it bring out? It can be officers, firefighters, public and many more trying to help out and make a difference showing that they care. The Hurricane had hit us pretty bad causing schools, public transportation and many other services come to a temporary suspension. Fire fighters, officers and ambulate drivers were all over NYC helping and people who were off duty left their homes and came to help as well. That’s true dedication and people should definitely recognize and appreciate them more often.

There were shortages of food and clothing for many people because unfortunately in some cases people have lost their homes and are currently living in shelters. Its so generous for Collages to provide their gym for the people who have lost their homes and have no place to go to com and temporarily stay at the collage where they provide everything for them their. Speaking of generosity people have came to the colleges and provided any assistances they could. This show how much people care. They took time out of their own lives and were there to help society.

Unfortunately Officer Artur Kasprzak was one of the few people who died because of Hurricane Sandy. He was trying to help his family get out of the mess in the house and quickly brought them to the attic. Once he brought them to the attic he went downstairs for something and unfortunately never made it back to the attic. This shows he cared for his family and put them first. Also, companies, corporations and celebrities have donated to the American Red Cross in the amount of millions to the Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Adversity Bringing the Best or Worst in People
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People are donating money and clothes and really whatever is necessary and are in their limits of what they could do. Our very own MTA service had announced free transportation from them. I mean that’s shocking because it’s the MTA and all they want is money from the passengers. In this case them helping out in their way really shows support and generosity which had helped many people get around because of shortages of gas. In Conclusion, society really helps and cares in situations like these and don’t suddenly become selfish, worrying about themselves.

Of course there are is a percentage of selfish people out there but that cant and shouldn’t provoke us from showing who we really are. I salute all the people that have helped and are currently helping in any way because even something very little means a lot to someone else. At the end of the day it all comes down to does adversity bring the best or worst in people? I believe best because in situations like these many people open up their hearts and really just help out any way possible. Hurricane Sandy has left a permanent mark in history and won’t be forgotten.

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