Advertisement Effectiveness

Introduction: Advertising is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience to continue or take some new action. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behaviour with respect to a commercial offering, although political & ideological advertising is also common. The purpose of advertising may also be to reassure employees or shareholders that a company is viable or successful.

Advertising messages are usually paid for by sponsors and viewed via various traditional media; including mass media such as newspapers; magazines; television commercials, radio advertising, outdoor advertising or direct mail or new media such as blogs, website or text messages. Definition: Advertising is bringing a product(or service) to the attention of potential & current customers. Advertisement is typically done with signs, brochures, commercial, direct mailings or e-mail messages, personal contact etc. The importance of advertising is “steadily on the increase in modern society”.

Just as the media of social communication themselves have enormous influence everywhere so advertisement using media as its vehicle, is a pervasive, powerful force shaping attitudes & behaviour in today’s world. The field of advertising is extremely broad & diverse. In general terms, of course an advertisement is simply public notice meant to convey information & invite patronage or some other response. As that suggest, advertising has two main purposes: To inform & To persuade. These purposes are distinguishable-both are very often simultaneously present Objectives of the study: To study the effectiveness of advertisement of mobile phones. * To analyze & compare the consumers attitude towards advertisement regarding mobile phones. * To know the buying behaviour of the consumers with regard to the advertisement. * To show the true values of the advertisement regarding mobile phones. Statement of the problem: The effectiveness of advertisement which plays a crucial role to identify the target customers and the target market segment for every companies & firms. It is worth noted that, the effectiveness of dvertisement should thoroughly scrutinized by every organisation. Thus there are various issues involved in the advertisement & measurement of its effectiveness. The problem here is how many consumers buy mobile phones by seeing advertisements? Is advertisement really motivating the public to buy the product? The study relates with the influence of the advertisement towards them the researcher has the curiosity to know about how advertisement effect through various brands of mobile phones. Scope of the study: Theme is the subject matter of advertisement.

An advertisement copy should bridge the gap between the advertisers & readers if it is to be effective. To achieve this the advertisement has to provide the audience the information that is of interest to them. Undertaken to know the effectiveness of advertisement in the minds of consumers and also to know the factor which attracts more from it. This will help to identify the role of advertisements. The present investigation has been undertaken to know and analyse the factors influencing the mobile phones & the role of media which influences them to prefer a particular product.

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Methodology: The research is descriptive in nature. Both primary & secondary data have been collected for the study. Primary data were collected through questionnaire schedule from a sample of 25 respondents at the random. The secondary data was collected from magazines, books, websites. Sampling of the study: A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population. It refers to the technique or the procedure the researcher would adopt in selecting items for the sample (i:e) the size of the sample.

Sample design is determined before data are collected. Simple random sampling method is used for selecting the respondents in order to collect the required data. Sources of data: Sources of data are mainly classified in two: Primary data & Secondary data. Primary data are those which are collected a fresh and for the first time & thus happen to be original in character. The primary data was collected using a structured questionnaire prepared with respect to the objective of the study.

Simply primary data refers to the information got directly from the sampled respondents. Secondary data are those which have already been collected by someone else and which have already been passed through the statistical process. The secondary data are based on the documents available in the form of: Books Journals Published papers Internet Data Analysis and Statistical tools: The data collected were analysed and tabulations were made regarding the responses given by the respondents.

No statistical tools were used in this project to measure the effectiveness of advertisements. Limitations of the study: 1) Sample size is small as compare to universe. 2) Respondents are biased towards their personal preferences and they might have not answered the questions correctly. 3) Due to simple random sampling there may be large deviation from that of universe. Chapter Scheme: Chapter 1: Introduction, objectives, statement of the problem, scope of the study, methodology, limitations of the study.

Chapter 2: Contents and review of literature. Chapter 3: Company profile. Chapter 4: Data analysis and Interpretations Chapter 5: Findings, suggestions and conclusions Contents & Review of Literature: Meaning of Advertising: The word advertising is derived from the latin word,”advertero”. “Ad” meaning towards and “verto” meaning “to turn”. Definitions of Advertising: Philip Kolter says “Advertising is ant paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor. ” William J.

Stanton,”Advertising consists of all the activities in presenting to a group a non-personal, oral or visual, openly sponsored message regarding a product, service or idea. ” Features of Advertising: * Advertising is one of the methods of promotion mix. * It is a paid mass communication, not aiming at a specific individual. * It is a form of publicity, i. e dissemination of information regarding a product, service or idea. * It is salesmanship in writing or printed salesmanship. * It is a mass non-personal communication. Functions

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