Aiu Huma215 Unit Assignments

A person can never really tell when the exact time and date a person lived when there are no written records. Scholars can still determine estimates of times by studying fossils/bones found in the earth by analyzing the natural forces like gravity and magnetism and the rocks surrounding the bones. According to this article I found on the web a man’s origin can be determined by imagining the rocks came alive and evolutionist/scholars must believe in the natural origin of life (Russell T. Arndts).

To try to find out when the people of prehistoric time are from scholars must study the natural world for their prehistory so they would use their imperfections of modern plants and animals and geographical living organisms to discover evidence. The Amazon prehistoric culture were once thought to be different and changed. They were not acknowledge by the European conquerors and the prosperity of the cultures where not matched up to their own. The European domination in the new world was the expansion of nations.

The European gained control of most of Asia, Africa and America therefore they dominated and sent their people to armies to conquer merchant trades. Technology advancement was also an advantage for the European dominance. An entire prehistoric group of people can disappear due to numerous reasons, it can be due to natural disasters, climate change, decrease in water and food, war, and diseases in which that time there were many people with immune systems that couldn’t handle the sickness.

One small kind of factious disease can wipe out an entire population I not treated or have the right kind of medications and treatments. For example the black plague wiped out one-third of Europe’s people in the 14th century. References: Kishlansky, Gear O’Brien, Civilization in the West, (2012), Pearson Education, Sixth Edition. retrieved from http://wps. ablongman. com/long_kishlansky_cw_6/35/9175/2349030. cw/index. html Sayre, H. M. (2012). Discovering The Humanities (2nd ed. ). Retrieved from AIU eBook Collection. August 25, 2012

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Aiu Huma215 Unit Assignments
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