Alexander the Great and the Situation

Alexander of Macedon
(356-323 BCE)
– Died at the age of 32
– Son of King Philip the 2nd
– Tamed a horse, named Bucephalus, no one else could at the age of 13
– Expanded the Macedonian empire at unprecedented speed without losing a single battle
Which empire did Alexander destroy and conquer
The Persian Empire
Which lands did Alexander conquer
All of the Persian land (which includes Egypt), and Syria, Mesopotamia, Bactria, and the Punjab
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Alexander the Great and the Situation
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What happened to Alexander’s empire after his death
– It was split into 3 empires, called Hellenistic Kingdoms
– Each was ruled by one of Alexander’s generals
– The empires, later, became important dynasties
Name the three dynasties and their place that came from the Hellenistic Kingdoms
– The Antigone in Greece and Macedonia
– The Ptolemies in Egypt
– The Seleucid in Persia
(all lasted longer than Alexander’s empire itself)
What was the impact of Alexander the Great on the world after his death
– Became an important military model for many generals throughout history
– Introduced the Persian idea of Absolute Monarchy to the Greco-Roman world
– Built a number of cities through his conquer
– Huge impact on culture, he gave the region its common language, Greek, which facilitated commerce
Absolute Monarchy
Rule by one person — a monarch, usually a king or a queen — whose actions are restricted neither by written law nor by custom; a system different from a constitutional monarchy and from a republic.
What was the name of the city that Alexander the Great built in Egypt
Significance of Alexandria (Egypt)
– Became a major center of learning in the classicalin the world
– Home to the most amazing library
When and why did Napoleon invade Egypt
– 1798
– He wanted to do what Alexander had done (a millennial has passed since the death of Alexander the Great)
Who was the Roman general know to be obsessed (worship) with Alexander the Great
– General Pompey, or Pompeius Magnus

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