Algebra Writing Assignment

Joey Dolce Mr. Moore Algebra 2 28 September 2012 Algebra Writing Assignment The articles written by Roger C. Schank oppose the standard way of educating the young minds of America. The articles explain why, Algebra, Chemistry, Physics, History, and more academic subjects are useless in developing a young teenagers mind and growth. Although Roger C. Schank makes valid points about his arguments, I disagree with him on most of his opinions. Even though math is not a strong subject of mine I think math is used in someone’s everyday life.

When making a decision math helps me think of the different possibilities and outcomes to make the best possible decision. Math is involved in many of the jobs society has to offer today. Engineering, construction, computer programmer, financial advisor, market analyst, and many more all include the involvement of math. Roger C. Schank criticizes the way subjects are taught in school. I think he forgets that since our nation has instituted the idea of curriculum into the classrooms in 1892 America has advanced tremendously.

We would not have advanced this much if the subjects taught in the classrooms were so useless and unimportant. Furthermore, Math is heavily involved in a nation’s economy and finances. Almost all economic decisions regarding a nation has math included in it. Whether to produce more of one good then another or how much money a nation should spend on its military is based off equations that math has given us. Not only does math help a nation but it also helps in small ways, such as in a family. If a couple decides to have kids, they should decide if they are financially ready for the kids.

Will they have to make sacrifices on vacations or new appliances to have a child? All these decisions are solved through some sort of math. In, conclusion I believe that algebra is a very important part of life. Not only does algebra help you with life but mostly of all the subjects taught in school help you in some shape or form. In each subject, you learn new vocabulary, build on your writing skills, and learn better ways to study and prepare. All these skills taught in these subjects can help you prepare better for your future.

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