Allusion Report- the Burning Bush

Allusion Report The allusion of the “Burning Bush” is just as it sounds: it is a burning bush that continues to burn and is never engulfed by its flames. The Burning Bush was first introduced in the Book of Exodus in the Bible. Moses was grazing in the pastures just like any other day when he noticed something burning in the distance. He found it to be an ordinary desert bush, but the fire was far from ordinary. The fire consuming the bush was God presenting himself to Moses.

When God spoke to Moses, he told him to unite his brothers (Israelites) and leave the land of oppression, Egypt. The allusion of the Burning Bush has been used in the novel, The Grapes of Wrath, three different times. “One cat’ takes and shoves ten families out. Cat’s all over hell now. Tear in and shove the croppers out. ” (Chapter 2, page 13) Here, the truck driver is telling Tom how tractors are driving people out of the land. This alludes to the Burning Bush as being the harassment which families are fleeing from. Reverend Jim Casy- was a Burning Busher. ” (Chapter 4, page 27) Casy is referred to as the burning busher because he motivates and inspires others around him. “We’d keep together on the road an’ it’d be good for ever’body. ” (Chapter 13, page 202) In the Book of Exodus, God tells Moses to unite with his brother so that they will have a change of survival. Here, Tom is telling others that neither family would survive if they traveled alone, but if they travel together they will have a greater chance at surviving.

The Burning Bush represents numerous symbols to Jews and Christians, such as God’s energy, sacred light, illumination, as well as the burning heart of purity, love and clarity. It is argued by many skeptical scholars that Moses was under the influence of a hallucinogenic when he says to have encountered the Burning Bush. Many entheogens have been found in south Israel and were used regularly for religious purposes by the Israelites. Works Cited “Burning Bush – New World Encyclopedia. ” Info:Main Page – New World Encyclopedia.

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