Als Reflective Thinking Essay

Reflective Thanking Essay I am a good leader. One who takes initiative in getting the tasks completed while keeping the morale tempo up and making it a good experience to all. I’m one who will take criticism and can listen even though I may not like what I’m hearing, but in turn apply those criticisms and make a better me. Simply being said, I like to take charge, inspire those around me, complete the mission and wait for the next challenge.

Thank my mother for who I am, she inspired the person I am today. I was raised in a very strict environment where there were expectations. Rules, responsibilities, honesty and involvement were all considered necessities. I was introduced to community service when I was 5 years old when I was a Girl Scout. Then later when my late father and I would participate in an annual cancer awareness marathon it was a beginning point for me.

So from then on there the feeling of accomplishment to help others inspired me. I’m one who wants people to come to be with their troubles so I can help, I’m the one who wants to reach out and touch others and just inspire. It’s easy for me to say that I’m a participative leader. I want to get involved with my fellow wingmen and know they’re comfortable coming to me with any issue they may have. I’m one who strives towards a positive workplace.

I like to work next to my fellow crew chiefs and solve problems. I treat others with mutual respect on the job. I am open-minded to my fellow airmen and respect their thoughts and opinions, but understand that the final decision rest in my hands on any given situation. Based on the decision making process, I feel the type of NCO (non-commissioned officer), I’ll become will be similar to the image I uphold now will make people work for the correct answer or the right thing to do.

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Als Reflective Thinking Essay
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Though I understand that this technique will not work with all, but it’s a starting point for me to evaluate an individual. One of my strengths is that I’m very smart. I’m very accepting to challenges. Another one of my better traits is that I’m a very good listener. I can influence new views on issues and provide help to a better outcome when the issue is good or even bad. I just put myself is their position and think “what would Melissa do? ”

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