American History unit 1 test

Thomas Paine
he wrote common sense
location: Yorktown
leaders: Cornwallis, Washington
outcome: Americans and French surrounded Cornwallis and bombarded casing him to surrender and the Americans ended up winning the war
battle of Trenton
location: new jersey
leaders: Washington
outcome: colonist kill hessians while they are asleep and drunk
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American History unit 1 test
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battle of Guilford courthouse
location: courthouse in North Carolina
leaders: Cornwallis and Greene
outcome: British won but lost a lot of their troops
battle of Saratoga
location: Saratoga
leaders: gates, john, Washington
outcome: British surrenders to Americans but they change their war strategy
navigation act
a series of laws restricting colonial trade
colonial merchants resented act and kept trading and smuggling
dominion of new England
put all northern colonies under one ruler in Boston
northern colonies did not like it so Massachusetts sent most prominent minister to see if they would change it
writs of assistance
allowed British customs official to search any ship or building
colonists would sue in court and remove it but they failed
sugar act
halve duty of foreign made molasses, placed duties on certain imports, strengthened enforcement of the law
colonists boycotted and the act was repealed
proclamation act
banned al settlements west of the Appalachian mountains/ established proclamation line
colonists were not allowed to cross proclamation line but colonists kept crossing it and moving west
stamp act
required colonists to purchase special stamped paper for everything that had to do with the government
it reached into every colonists pocket and whoever didn’t follow it would be tried in a court
declatory act
parliament had permission to make any laws they want to
there was no reaction
Townshend acts
indirect taxes of imported materials
colonist reacted with rage and said “taxation without representation”
intolerable acts
king George 3rd tightens control over Massachusetts by closing Boston harbor and quartering troops
colonial leaders from the first continental congress drew up a declaration of colonial rights
tea act
Britain gives the east India company special concessions in the colonial tea business and shuts out colonial tea merchants
thy rebel by dumping 18,000 pounds of tea into the Boston harbor (Boston tea Party)
Declaration of independence
written by Thomas Jefferson
soldiers that could be ready in a minute
treaty of Paris
this treaty ended the French and Indian war
a country ultimate goal was self-sufficiency and all country were in a competition to acquire the most gold and silver
salutatory neglect
relaxed and did not pay attention to colonies following navigation acts (England)
Boston massacre
mob started throwing things at British soldiers and the British reacted with violence
Paul revere
he is apart of the sons of liberty
common sense
Thomas Paine wrote this and it was a pamphlet that attacked the king and told colonists it was time to create an indirect republic
friedrich von steuben/marquis de Lafayette
helped Washington make the colonial army into a well trained army
a belief in the equality of people (only white males)
America after war
they would no longer have kings, they would eventually create a government
French and Indian war
both the French and the British were after the Ohio river valley
Albany plan of union
tried to unite colony’s but got rejected
sons of liberty
organized boycotts
committees of correspondence
they would communicate protests
1st continental congress
told king they will not follow him if he did not give them their rights and that ended up starting Lexington and concord-Paul revere
2nd continental congress
bunker hill- after this they offered the olive branch petition to the king

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