American Idol Case Study

Case Analysis Week 1 American Idol Case Mostafa Morshedi MKT 645 Qualitative Research in Customer Behavior California Intercontinental University Date: 11/18/2012 American Idol Case To perform a prefect marketing research, it is needed to identify and define the marketing research problem accurately and then develop a proper approach. The American Idol case is a challenging management decision and marketing research problem case, focusing on reasons why to conduct a study on the viewers and voters.

In this case study, we review defining the marketing research problem and developing an approach process, including objective/theoretical framework, analytical model, research questions, hypothesizes and specification of information needed. Discussion According to the case, the management decision problem confronting Marcello and Litzenberger could be “Do we need to conduct a study investigating American Idol viewers? ” (Malhotra, 2010, p. 780). The corresponding marketing research problem would be “to determine who watched and voted in the 2009 season of American Idol and to determine how durable the show’s concept is” (Malhotra, 2010, p. 81). In fact, they should conduct the study in order to understand what are viewers’ and voters’ demographic based on age and sex. The study’s out coming is worthwhile for sponsors like Coca Cola and Ford who invested millions on the show, or who are interested to invest in future. Marketing research problem specific components are defined as: * What is the age demographic of American Idol’s watcher and voters? * How effective is the sponsors’ ads in the show? * How durable is the show’s concept? * How sponsors could motivate voters?

The theoretical framework for the study is based on statistics, normal distribution function with 95% certainty (Malhotra, 2010, p. 781). As we are seeking for the age demographic of show viewers and voters, it is rational to use graphical model as it provides a visual picture of the relationship between variables (Malhotra, 2010, p. 51). Research questions and relevant hypothesizes to above explanations could be counted as: * Do teenagers vote more than adults do? * H1: teenagers are majority voters. * H2: Adults vote more than teenagers do. * Are women interested to vote more than men do? H3: women are tough fans and consequently vote more than men do. * H4: Men vote more than women do. * How many of show watchers vote? * H5: More than 90% of watchers vote. * H6: 70 to 90% of watchers vote. * H7: 75% to 70% of watchers vote. * H8: Less than 50% of watchers vote. * Do voters and viewer remember about the sponsor? * H9: all remember who the sponsor was. * H10: They hardly know about the sponsor. So based on above components, analytical model, research questions, and hypothesis we can determine the specification of information needed. * The age demographic of show viewers * The age demographic of voters Sex of show viewers * Sex of voters * Participation percentage in voting * Sponsorship effectiveness and durability * The main reasons of voting/not voting Conclusion Key concepts of a marketing research problem is first determine management decision problems, and then defining a broad marketing research problem, which in turn should be narrowed down by specific components. These specific components guide researchers to define an approach to the problem, find relevant objective/theoretical framework and choose among analytical models (verbal, graphical and mathematical) the one best match to the research objectives.

Research questions are dragged out of marketing search problem approach. Hypothesizes are rephrased research questions that guide decision makers on the problem and will be approved or denied after the research is done. The main important concept is that all the process should be integrated and focused to provide the best accurate answer to the management decision and marketing research problems, specifically in huge projects. References Malhotra, N. K. (2010). Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation, 6/E. Boston, MA, USA: Prentice Hall.

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