America's History 8th Edition Henretta Chapter 12

Coastal Trade
The passage through slaves through auction houses in the port cities bound for the massive trade mart in New Orleans. This process was condemned by Northern Abolitionists because the trade was highly visible.
Inland System
The system that fed slaves to the cotton south. Professional slave traders went from one rural village to another to buy slaves to bring to the south.
Chattel Principle
The idea that slaves are property, not people, and therefore can be treated as such.
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America's History 8th Edition Henretta Chapter 12
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America's History 8th Edition Henretta Chapter 12
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Domestic Slave Trade
After the Atlantic Slave Trade stopped, slaves were traded between states, usually from North to South bc of the high natural increase rates in the northern slave states.
Benevolent Masters
Slaveowners who treated their slaves more humanely, sometimes seeing themselves as the patriarch of the entire plantation.
Republican Aristocracy
The class of slaveowners stood at the head of society and politics and formed this ideology about political power.
Positive Good
Calhoun used this phrase to describe slavery bc he thought that slaves were treated better in the US than if they were free in Africa.
Gang-Labor System
A system in which slaves were organized into teams assigned to specific tasts. Supervised by black drivers and white overseers.
Slave Society
A society such as the South in which the institution of slavery affected all aspects of life.
Great American Desert
At this time the great plains weren’t suited for agriculture. This resulted in people looking south for land rather than the plains land.
To put down the rebellion in Texas, President Santa Anna led an army that wiped out the Texan garrison defending this in San Antonio. They later captured Goliad.
Secret Ballot
When your vote is secret. Alabama instituted this (Alabama had the least Planter Elite driven society in the South)
Black Protestantism
This religion was altered for slaves and generally ignored the doctrines of original sin and predestination, and preachers didn’t use biblical passages that encouraged unthinking obedience to authority.
Task System
Under this system slaves had to complete a precisely defined job each day. After completing the task they got the rest of the day off.
National Convention of Colored People
This was a gathering of African Americans who looked to remove the burden of slavery. In the rigid American caste system, free blacks stood as symbols of hope to enslaved African Americans and as symbols of danger to most whites.
Harriet Jacobs
She wrote the autobiography “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” which elaborated on the sexual abuse against female slave.
Stephen Austin
Leader of the “Peace Party”
Antontio Lopez de Santa Anna
Mexican president during the Mexico War
Sam Houston
Leader of the “War Party,’ led Texans to beat Santa Anna’s army and won de facto independence

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