An Empty Purse Frightens Away Friends.

An empty purse frightens away friends With the so-called modernization of the world we inhabit, avariciousness is increasing in the people. Increased facilities mean increased demands and an increased demand means more stinginess and with more stinginess comes more treacherousness. Diplomacy has become dominant over chasteness. Even the purity of blood relations and innocence of love is at the verge of extinction. Friendship which once was considered the most immaculate relation is no longer filled with the heartiest emotions of devotion, abstemiousness and harmony.

People, these days, like agreements more than relations and friendship. Disloyalty has been the nature of every creature ever since life was concocted. Dog is constantly used in the sayings regarding faithfulness, when gets mad, bites its own master. Some control this evil part (disloyalty) of their complexion, while others bluntly expose it. Many such examples are there in history in which acquisitiveness and perfidiousness overshadowed loyalty. In the start of human race the two sons of Adam fought, and Cain killed Abel despite their blood relation.

Since then, human beings are murdering the beautiful emotions like fidelity and adherence. Its intensity has increased, and is increasing as the time is passing. And humanity is being replaced by inhumanness in society. Friends no longer have the degree of affinity that they once used to have. Nowadays, it is not love or affection that inspires one to be friend with someone; money and status are the factors that matter these days. Persons are friends in just fair weather, when the status drops or money ends, they tend to leave one in the lurch.

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An Empty Purse Frightens Away Friends.
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