Animal Farm ch. 1-4

a small room next to the kitchen
to cut up meat
a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator
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Animal Farm ch. 1-4
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Animal Farm ch. 1-4
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ones who disagree
a state of deep-seated ill-will
mr. jones and mrs. jones
who owns manor farm?
he is an alchoholic
what problem does Mr. jones have?
the prides pig
who is old major?
to tell them about his dream and that man is enemy
why does old major assemble the animals?
the gun shot
what broke up the meeting?
karl marx and the communist manifesto
what political idea in russian history does old major represent?
tsar nich II
to what political figure in russian history does jones correspond?
above others
to set forth and idea
small wood or thicket
snowball, napoleon, and squealer
who are the three main pigs?
the pigs formulate the teachings of old major into a system of thought. what is it called?
some animals dont want to switch to the new government
the animals encouter a couple of problems as they begin to discuss the coming rebellion. name one of them.
Napoleon and Snowball
what two leaders emerge after the rebellion?
they use it as a museum
what is done with the famhouse?
stealing the milk
what have the pigs been doing for the past three months?
who came up with the seven commandments?
the pigs arent working
what seems fnny about the working conditions after the rebellion?
all of the pigs
who was taking the milk?
who was sent to explain why the milk was being used by the pigs?
the milk helps the pigs think and if the pigs cant think, then jones will come back.
name one of the arguments that squealer used to explain why the milk was going to the pigs.
hard to move
mysterious or unknown
they all help eachother so they use team work to get the job done.
how well do the animals work together?
the pigs are the highest
are all the animals equal? describe any “classes” pr rankings that you see.
the pigs take the fod and the puppies
what shows that there ar already prolems in the leadership of the new government?
who among theworkers is most admired?
easily manged
cannot be restrained
shameful, dishonerable

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