Animal Testing: Not Very Reliable or Safe for Human Safety

Animal Testing: Not Very Reliable or Safe for Human Safety

Animal Testing Nowadays there are many companies that test their products on animals such as makeup and painkillers. Not many people pay attention to this fact, but in actuality they should. Excuses for companies using animals for testing are that they have similarities in their tissues and DNA. Though parts of the human body vs. an animal’s body may have similarities but people must keep in mind that we are two totally different species. Science shows that animals rarely serve as good models for the human body so why would we feel safe with the product anyways.

The best thing for us to do is test out products on other humans so then we can get reliable and accurate results. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that 92% of all drugs that are shown to be safe and effective in animal testing fail in human trials; from this information you can see that testing on animals isn’t very reliable or safe for our safety and health. Also, it was said in multiple science journals that testing on animals would be a waste of time and life, both human and animal. Testing on animals is dangerous for both species.

Other than the lack of similarities between the two, animal testing could lead to the spread of disease. For example, say my company is testing a new allergenic pill in chickens but it goes terribly wrong s d ills the animals, now I must find a way to dispose of them and if it’s not done properly, and someone gets their hands on the one of the tested animals and tries to eat it there’s a high possibility that the consumer will become ill as well and end up spreading their illness to surrounding people, causing an outbreak. This could all be prevented if animal testing were to be banned. Thankfully, as of right now this has yet to happen, YET.

Once again, we shouldn’t test our products on animals because animals are helpless and have no say in the matter. With humans, we are able to voice our opinion and position on a subject so if we are Bering asked of something that we aren’t comfortable participating in, then we don’t have to, on the other hand; an animal cannot in any means voice their opinion to a human. If they don’t wish to partake in these trials how would we have any way of knowing? More on, if you are I keep forcing these animals to participate in these tests this will make the animal vicious and dangerous leading on to having to ‘put down’ the animal.

If you keep abusing a species like this over time, you will be seen as a threat and that will be taught to the offspring, so in and so forth. If that were to happen we shouldn’t even hope to get close to that animal anymore, they are traumatizing these species. Furthermore, animal testing is absolutely pointless because it is taking up entirely too much if the government’s money. We, as a hole, ate already in debt to chins at 1. 16 trillion dollars, but we choose to continue paying just about 200billion dollars in a yearly basis to animal testing just fit cancer alone.