AP World History Group 3 Vocab

Mediterranean Sea Lanes
Definition: Trade routes connected the Mediterranean civilizations together. Cause: The need for a resources in other countries by sea travel. Effect: Trade increased and diffusion of cultures spread.
Eurasian Silk Roads
Definition: caravan routes connecting China and the Middle East across Central Asia and Iran
City on the Niger River in the modern country of Mali. It was founded by the Tuareg as a seasonal camp sometime after 1000. As part of the Mali empire, Timbuktu became a major major terminus of the trans-Saharan trade and a center of Islamic learning
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AP World History Group 3 Vocab
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AP World History Group 3 Vocab
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Indian Ocean Lanes
lanes throughout the Indian Ocean connecting East Africa, southern Arabia, the Persian Gulf, India, Southeast Asia, and southern China
trans-Saharan Caravan Routes
Trading network linking North Africa with sub-Saharan Africa across the Sahara.
Sui, Tang and Song dynasties
China was unified under Sui Dynasty, China’s economy and people grew spectacularly in the Song Dynasty, successful diplomatic reltionships and expansion during the Tang Dynasty
Hanseatic League
An economic and defensive alliance of the free towns in northern Germany, founded about 1241 and most powerful in the fourteenth century.
Government Imposed Labor Taxes
taxes imposed from the government on labor
Guild Organizations
association of people who worked at the same occupation
Tributary Systems
A system in which, from the time of the Han Empire, countries in East and Southeast Asia not under the direct control of empires based in China nevertheless enrolled as tributary states, acknowledging the superiority of the emperors in China in exchange for trading rights or strategic alliances.
The Little Ice Age
Lasted for about 500 years, brought noticeable colder and wetter weather, hit Europe hard for the first half of the 14th century, cold rainy summers, shortened growing seasons, resulted in crop failures and famines
Nomadic Pastoralism
a form of pastoralism in which the whole social group (men, women, children) and their animals move in search of pasture
Byzantine Empire
a continuation of the Roman Empire in the Middle East after its division in 395
Camel Saddles
An invention which gives camel riders more stability on the animal and its invention and basic idea traveled along the Trans-Saharan Caravan Trade Route.
Free Peasant Agriculture
a type of peasant agriculture where free pesants can sell whatever they grow, but were not protected by land owners.
The Mongols
Were United by Gingus Kahn to capture all of Asia, which they did except for India. Asia under Mongolian ruler till grandson of Gings (Kublai) died and there was an overturning.
The Caliphates
(Islam) Orthodox; Individuals that led the community; were close to Muhammad; Abu Bakr, Umar; Umayyad Caliphate-Abdal Malik; full extent of expansion to Spain and China; Ottomans-Sulayman
Maritime Migrations of Polynesian People
migrations of Polynesian people across the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean

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