AP World History Unit 1-2 Part 3

caste system
Definition- rigid system of social classification introduced by Aryans

Significance- kept an ordered civilization because everyone has a specific function

Definition- clusters of caste groups; four social castes: brahmans (priests), warriors, merchants, peasants; beneath them were the untouchables. Original name for castes


Definition- lowest level of caste system. Hauled trash and dead bodies

Significance- Could not be in presence of higher caste

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AP World History Unit 1-2 Part 3
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Definition- the caste position and career determined by bith

Significance- required to do a good job at your dharma and then could move up in your next life

Definition- wordly pleasures

Significance- promoted by Hindu religion



Definition- soul is reborn into another body or animal after body dies

Significance- part of hindu religion and gave possibility of moving up in caste if you lived a good life

Definition- ceator of Buddhism. Born around 600 BCE

Significance- promoted that you did not need priests, abondon all earthy things, all could reach the nirvana no matter what social level

Buddhism 2
Definition- Buddhism split into two movements: 1) Focus on meditation and simple life- Buddha was not seen as a God 2) Buddhism for the masses- Buddha seen as being godlike

Significance- division in the religion

Definition- Buddhism term for what can be reached if the correct life is lived. A world with no suffering or decay.

Significance- Goal of Buddhism

Definition- ethnic group located north on the southern tip of India


Mahabharata and Ramayana
Definition- epic Indian stories of love, honor, social duty and war

Significance- stories passed down showing a structured agricultural society

Mauryan dynasty
Definition- established around 400 BCE in India following the invasion of Alexander the Great

Significance- Unified much of the continent

Chandragupta Maurya
Definition- Soldier who seized power in India following Alexander the Great

Significance- established Mauryan dynasty of Indian kings

Definition- Chandragupta’s grandson gained control of all but the southern tip of Indian. Converted to Buddhism

Significance- Sent Buddhist missionaries outside of India and expanded the Indian territory

Gupta dynasty
Definition- Dynasty (ad 320-500) ruled Indias golden age

Significance- Advances in science, art, and literature

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