Chapter Test
In the religious views of the Protestant, you would go to heaven if
heaven and hell was predetermined by God and no earthly act could change that
The main lure for most English emigrants was
land ownership
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John Smith is known for saving the English colony of
Indentured servitude in the Chesapeake increased due to
the headright system
The Maryland Act of Toleration
allowed Catholics to practice but did not allow religions that did not believe in the divinity of Jesus
English settlers in the seventeenth century America could be characterized best in terms of their
striking social diversity
Upon arriving in the New World, English settlers
generally adapted old beliefs to the new environment
The first three years of Jamestown’s history witnessed
terrible hardship and suffering
The labor system of Jamestown in its earlier years
replicated the traditional work experience of the settlers
Although women arrived in Jamestown as early as 1608, the majority of immigrants to the colony were
young, single males who came as indentured servants
Jamestown’s prosperity was ensured by
tobacco cultivation
The attitude of King James I toward tobacco
showed that, in the end, he valued revenue more than good health
Under the headright system in Virginia
all new arrivals who had paid their trans-Atlantic fares received fifty-acre land grants
In 1622, the Native American tribes of Virginia
viciously attacked the Jamestown settlement
In 1624, Virginia became
a royal colony
Unlike Virginia, Maryland was established
as a religious sanctuary for persecuted Catholics from England
Puritan dissenter Roger Williams established the colony of
Rhode Island
Puritans differed from Pilgrims in that they
remained members of the Church of England
In 1636, authorities in Massachusetts Bay banished Roger Williams because
of his defense of Native American right and demand for separation of church and state
Anne Hutchison’s skillful self-defense at her trail before the magistrate of Massachusetts Bay was ruined by
her claim of personal revelation

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