Project Proposal Team- Hope of Youth

Project Proposal Team- Hope of Youth

Project Proposal Team- Hope of Youth | Project- Caring for Lives| | ICBT Campus- Nugegoda| | Table of Contents 1. Endorsement Page3 2. Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Project4 3. Project Team Structure5 4. Introduction to the Community Project6 4. 1. Project Name6 4. 2. Project Logo6 4. 3. Project Objective6 4. 4. Duration6 4. 5. Location6 5. An Outline of the Legal and Ethical Requirements of the Project7 6. Implementation Plan8 6. 1. Introduction8 6. 2. Fund Raising Activities8 6. 3. Budget for the Raffle Draw9 6. 4. Budget for the Dinner Dance10 6. 5. Estimated Cost for the Repairing of the Ward11 6. 6. Cost for the Cabinetry12 . 7. Network Analysis13 6. 8. Gantt Chart14 7. Stakeholder Analysis15 8. Internal and External Constraints17 9. Letter to Management18 Endorsement Page Hope of Youth 132/B, ICBT Campus, High Level Road, Nugegoda. 14/06/2011 Mr. Mohan Pathirana, CEO/Executive Director, ICBT Campus, 31 & 33, Hotel Road, Mount Lavinia. Dear Sir, Requesting Approval for the Community Project – “Caring for Lives” We, the students of ICBT Campus Nugegoda, HND in Business Management Batch 05, are seeking for your approval to facilitate the children section of Maharagama Cancer Hospital as a given task for the module “Managing Activities to Achieve Results”.

In order to raise funds for our community project we have planned two events which are the dinner dance and the raffle draw. Herewith is enclosed a detailed report regarding the project for your information. We would be glad if you could kindly approve our community project and give your fullest support in order to make this project a success. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, | | | Secretary(Ms. Udari Kahandawalaarchchi)| Event Manager (Mr. Dasun Abeysooriya)| (Mrs. Farhul Hassana)| | | Lecturer / Head of Academics(Mr. Frank Gunasekara)| Assistant General Manager(Mr.

Hareen Jayawardana)| Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Project Vision Our vision is to care for little friends. Mission Our mission is to give a helping hand to our little friends finding for cure. Objectives To facilitate the children section of Maharagama Cancer Hospital by raising funds within a time period of two months where we are to repair a children ward by fitting windows and supply the hospital with a cabinetry to store drugs. Project Team Structure Introduction to the Community Project 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. Project Name “Caring for Lives”

Project Logo Project Objective To facilitate the children section of Maharagama Cancer Hospital by raising funds within a time period of two months where we are to repair a children ward by fitting windows and provide the hospital with a cupboard to store drugs. Duration The duration for the completion of the entire project is 2 months within which the project proposal should be handed over and be approved by the respected parties prior to implementing the project “Caring to Lives” through which we facilitate the children section of cancer hospital.

Location Maharagama Cancer Hospital An Outline of the Legal and Ethical Requirements of the Project Implementation Plan From Period 08/06/2011 to 26/08/2011 5. 6. Introduction Managing Activities to Achieve Results is a module designed to build upon the knowledge and understanding of working as a group in order to achieve the respective goals of a project. The students are given tasks to work as a group where they are to organise a fund raising programme and to organise a community activity.

As students of ICBT, Batch 05 of HND in Business Management we have gathered to showcase the talents as the team “Hope of Youth” where we organise the project “Caring for Lives” to benefit for our community. This project would help the students to work as a group and achieve the module learning outcomes effectively and to discover the theoretical essentials of the subject so that the students are capable of implementing their applications in practical situations and conditions. Fund Raising Activities

In order to meet the financial need to implement “Caring for Lives”, we have proposed two fund raising activities through which we hope to collect the amount required. (1) Selling of raffles priced at Rs. 50 to the public and three winners would be drawn where respective winners would receive prizes. (2) Organising a Dinner Dance targeting on the young crowd and the raffle draw would also take place during the event. If in any case the above mentioned fund raising activities fail, our contingency plan is to print 500 caps with a unit price of Rs. 50 targeting the students of all the branches of ICBT campuses only. Budget for the Raffle Draw Budget for the Dinner Dance | Unit Rate (LKR)| Quantity| Total(LKR)| Expected Income| Tickets – Pre Selling At the Gate| 10001200| 150 Persons| 150 000| Sponsorships| -| -| 150 000| Souvenirs- Inner front Inner back Outer back Full Page Half Page Quarter Page| 25002000300015001000750| -| 25 000| Total Expected Income| -| -| 325 000| Expected Expenses|

Catering| 450 /Head| 150 Persons| 67 500| Printing Costs| -| -| 15 000| Dance Floor| -| -| 30 000| D. J| -| -| 12 000| Decorations| -| -| 5 000| Travelling| -| -| 5 000| Phone Bill| -| -| 1 500| Other Expenses| -| -| 10 000| Mixture | -| -| 10 000| Total Expected Expenses| -| -| 156 000| * Estimated Profits=Expected Income – Expected Expenses Estimated Profits=325 000 – 156 000 =169 000 LKR Estimated Cost for the Repairing of the Ward * Cost for the Cabinetry Network Analysis Gantt Chart Stakeholder Analysis Description on how each stakeholder is interested Children Section in the Cancer Hospital The ward of children section needs repairing for window fittings. Therefore this project would fulfil the above mention requirements. * Labour The contractors would be working in the Project for the repairing of the wards where they would earn for themselves. * Printers The Printers will be involved in the project for the printing of tickets, souvenirs and flyers. * Donors & Sponsors They would be giving their support to the project where they would receive exposure about their organization. * Internal Management of the Hospital

They would be observing how well the project is being proceeding and how far we will be achieving our targets. * Lecturers They will be monitoring the students’ individual performances and if the students are achieving the required objectives. * Material Suppliers The Material needed for the project will be provided by the suppliers who would be earning for themselves. Client needs To facilitate the Children section of cancer Hospital by repairing the windows and providing them a cupboard to store drugs. Internal and External Constraints Letter to Management Ms.

Gayathrika Senaratne Assistant General Manager – Programme Management International College of Business & Technology (ICBT Campus) 317 A, Galle Road Colombo 04 14/06/2011 Dear Ms. Senaratne, We undersigned students of BTEC HND in Business Management Batch 05 are working on the “Managing Activities to Achieve Results” and as a partial requirement of the assignment of the module we are planning to supply cabinetry for the children section of Maharagama Cancer Hospital and also additional window fittings renovation based on the excessive donations received.

This is to confirm that funds for the above project will only be collected by fund raising group activities, which are explained in detail in the attached proposal and will not be using personal money it will be given back to students (to those who invested money initially) after the first fund raising activity. Also we understand that, ICBT Campus has no liability over the fund raising activities we carry out and the profit/loss we make out of those activities. Further, we understand that uccess of this will depend only if the entire batch works as a one group (small groups can be formed for different activities) and if the lecturer/management found to have any disputes among the batch the entire project will be cancelled and we need to do another project from the beginning. Thank you. Yours Faithfully, | | | | | Aishath Noorath| Chathuri Weththasinghe| Dasun Abeysooriya| Dhasra Kariyawasam| Farhul Hassana| | | | | | Hawwa Iyanath| Piumi Seneviratne| Sanduni Sathsala| Shane Maddumage| Tharindu Kodagoda| | | | | | Udari Kahandawalaarachchi| | | | |