Autocratic Leadership

Autocratic Leadership

1. Nowadays there are several leadership styles being employed to run the organization in order to achieve the goals. One of the leadership styles that being used is autocratic style, which tell people what to do. The autocratic leadership style is always defined as excessively demanding with basically a one-way of communication. The leader will have the legitimate power to coerce subordinates to accomplish the mission.

Decision-making comes from only leader and is not shared. Nevertheless, authoritarian can be useful in the under pressure situation. Leaders sometimes have to utilize this type of leadership to achieve their goals. This essay will argue that autocratic leaders are not always ineffective. This will be argued by some examples and reasons why autocratic leaders could bring about the benefit to the business and military organizations.

2. Autocratic leadership style is to put pressure on the employees or subordinates. However, in the workplace or military organization, some scenarios may require for prompt action. In these circumstances, an autocratic style of leadership can be the best style to adopt. Surprisingly, many employees have been working with an authoritarian and have a few issues to familiar with that style. One of a good example of an autocratic leader is Martha Stewart. She built her empire with personal attention to every detail.

Whether people admire Martha Stewart or not, she never strays away from being careful and demanding. She’s very successful in her endeavors, and often uses an autocratic management style. Many critics might argue that it was her autocratic leadership style that made her a success in the entertainment industry, which is an extremely competitive environment. Others might argue that even more success might have awaited her had she not relied so heavily on such a demanding and potentially damaging style.

3. Another circumstance where autocratic leadership can employ appropriately is while doing the projects in group. Many group projects seem to be failure because group members express their own decisions and lead to conflict. In such circumstance may need an authoritarian who can make and determine decisions for the group.

The leader should seek the solution in which method the project can be done, delegate the task among the members, and make sure set the time for completion of the task. Steve Jobs, for instance, who is one of the successful autocratic leaders. He seems to be very authoritative. His decisions were made with slight consultation, and his decisions were made faster making him to react to changing in tendency of the business environment more quickly. The Environmental challenges which includes facing their rivals such as Microsoft.

4. In conclusion, some people argue that autocratic leadership style can never lead to success, but what it can achieve is to assist the process and run it into being a completion. Autocratic styles of leadership are becoming less and less applicable but there are still many contexts in which they work. During the first stage of Entrepreneurial organizations will rely on this type of leadership in order to make a decisive decisions and effective. However, it can be recommended that if leader utilize autocratic leadership should apply it wisely. Otherwise, it will be getting worse if use it in a wrong way.