Banking and Finance Article Summary

Yu-Chen Lin 1521007128 Sec: 5351 Reading Article Taxes: Everyone should pay the taxes when they start to working, properly no one want to pay the taxes. In this article, it makes me know more about taxes, it show us many kinds of taxes. Mostly the countries are pay for two placed which are local government and central state. Property and income taxes are usually what we should have to pay. This also let us know some rules of taxation by Smith, these rules makes us know how and why they set to rule in reasonable so make sure not many people will complain.

Of course we know that if you earn more money you will have to pay more taxes. It’s very fair and those taxes we pay for government are making us have a strong and great country to live. Home-Owning and house price: In this article, it talks about buying the house and selling. As we know buying a house is not easy, sometime we need to borrow money from the bank and loan. Some people are using buying and selling house as a business.

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When the price of house is booming meaning that the price of the house will be going up, the easy way to know the price of house is high or not by looking at the economic of the country. So when we going to buy the house, make sure that we are not buying the highest price or else when you going to sell it the price of the house will be very low. Economic is the most important thing that we have to see while we are going to buy a house. Unemployment: Unemployment is a very serious problem that will occur in every country.

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Banking and Finance Article Summary
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There are many reasons that could cause the unemployment, the main reason that will make the high unemployment is economic, and also GDP, inflation or interest rates are taking some parts of it. The article tell us that the definition of unemployment. Unemployment rates is mean that the percentage of people who don’t have job. This can teach us know when unemployment rate increase and what we should do during the high unemployment rate. Environmental economic: In this article is telling us about how Environmental could be very serious that will affect the economic.

The climate change is the main reason for economic. Taking the example on the article because of the global warming, the sea level is rising which cause the flood, when it’s the flood will occur, its will really effect the country or cities economic growth. Another problem is Pollution, mostly no one care about the pollution but the scientist has telling us we need to taking this problem serious now, because the global greenhouse gas is increasing about 15%~20% per year. Bond Markets: In this article, it is talking about the bond market.

There are still many different kinds of bonds. The main reason that some of people choose the bond market its because the Bonds will makes you gets more interest back than the banks can give you, but its also have peril that you might lose you money because of the some reason like interest rate. It also telling us the origins of bonds, Nathan Rothschild is the smart man that using the bonds and he because very rich, he has a great influence and famous in Europe. After reading this article makes me know about the bond market and how does it work.

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