Boeing Organizational Strategy

Every company has a certain way that they organize their company. No two companies are run the same or organized the same way. Boeing also has a unique organization strategy. It is broken up into eight divisions. They are as follows: communications; engineering, operations and technology; finance; government operations; human resources and administration; internal governance; international; and law department. Below is a description of all of the different departments and their purposes. Communications

The communications department is in charge of communications between the company and what it refers to as it’s “stakeholders.” Stakeholders are anyone who has anything to lose or gain from Boeing. Employees, customers, shareholders could all be considered stakeholders. The goal of the communications department is to make sure that the stakeholders hear news about Boeing from them directly, and not from a third party orginazation. Engineering, Operations and Technology

The engineering, operations and technology department is responsible for the mechanical part of the Boeing company. They are responsible for ensuring that the products they produce are up to industry standard and represent the company in the way the Boeing wishes to be represented. They are also responsible for managing any technology investments that Boeing may have around the world. Finance

The financial department of Boeing is mainly responsible for the monetary side of the company. They keep track of the company’s finances and are in charge of conducting the business that needs to be accomplished. Some of their responsibilities include paying the bills, and collecting on debts when necessary, auditing other departments to ensure accuracy in all financial records and setting budgets for all departments to ensure that the company will continue to prosper. Government Operations

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The government department is mainly responsible for ensuring that all of the products that Boeing produces and their emissions, the factory emissions, and all things about Boeing are abiding by the law. Human Resources and Administration

Human resources and administration is in charge of ensuring that the employees of Boeing are taken care of and that laws are followed when it comes to labor laws and labor unions. Human resources is in charge of hiring people to operate factories and management for the companies. International

The international department is in charge of the international aspect of Boeing. They are to ensure that imports and exports follow trade laws and are done correctly. The international department also oversees foreign sales and and laws and regulations that go with it. Law Department

The law department is responsible for all aspects of Boeing that have to do with compliance to the laws of the land, whether that be nationally or internationally. It is comprised of lawyers and legal advisors ensuring that the letter of the law is being followed.

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