Cebuano Dialect

Rationale: The Cebuano language is widely spoken in the Philippines. It is the primary language of approximately 15 million people living in the central part of the country. The Cebuano people have been using a single dialect but with different accent, pronunciation, meaning, and the way they deliver it. Cebuano is the language spoken in the provinces of Cebu, Negros Oriental, Bohol, Southern Leyte and Southern Masbate. The purpose of this study is to distinguish the variations and difference of our own Cebuano Dialect.

Before the Spaniards and other Europeans came to the Visayas, there was no word or place called Cebu and no language was called Cebuano. There was a town named Sugbo and the Spaniards hispanized the name into Cebu and Cebuano to refer to the people and language spoken in Sugbo and adjacent areas has one dialect and that is Cebuano-Bisaya. Yet, we come into a point that the Language itself varies in different ways from grammar, pronunciation and its word meaning. TABLES AND FINDINGS Place: Aloguinsan, Cebu. Southern Part of Cebu City) Respondents 2 young adults Name:Saniel Gagarani age:19 years old Occupation: Farmer Pila naman ka years nag uma? Answer: Tagutlo na ka tuig ang milabay. Tagpila diay ang sako sa Humay? Answer: Tagpira? Tag Otso sintos ang sako sa wala pa gi galling. Name: Alferdo DumaguitAge: 17 years oldOccupation: Uneducated/Bystanders Ngano wala man ka ni tiwas pag skuela? Answer: Kay apiki man mi sa kwarta. Na paka plano mu balik pag skuela?

Answer: Naa pa, pero nag agad pa ko nga mahusay mi. 2 elderly Name: Paterno MahinayAge:32years old Occupation: Farmer Dugay namo nag puyo dri dapita? Answer: Oo, na libud na namo ang tibuok South og diri rami napahimutang. Kanus-a man mo nakabalik sa syudad? Answer: Makadto ako Cebu hagbay na mga napulo na ka tuig milabay. Name: Agustino Campana Age: 52years old Occupation: Barangay tanod. Dugay na ka nag tanod kuya? Answer: Tiod-tiod na pud. Mao mani ako panginabuhi. Asa diay imo asawa kuya?

Ana man ang mga tao single daw ka? Answer: Maraot man og batasan, nag bulag mi. 2 students Name: Haniel Paquibot Age: 15 years old Occupation: Student Ganahan ka mo skuela? Dili ka tapulan? Answer: Makapoy lakaw padulong sa skuelahan. Unsa naman ka gradoha? Gwapa sad imo maestro? Answer: Grade 6, Mahusay ra. Maot ug batasan. Name: Lemuel Rago Age: 12 years old Occupation: Student Nalingaw ka sa skuelahan? Answer: Makapoy sige og surat makaturogon ko. Unsa man imo masulti sa imo maestro?

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Buotan? Gwapa? Answer: Nakarugay ko. CONCLUSION: Therefore, Cebuano refers primarily to the inhabitants of the Province of Cebu, their descendants, and to the language they speak. It refers to both the people and the language. No one argues with this definition. Secondarily, though there are some who disagree with this, Cebuano applies to all speakers of vernaculars mutually intelligible with the vernaculars of Cebu, regardless of origin or location of the speakers, and their ancestry.

However, with respect to the structure of the dialect. There are also words that retain the /r/ in the aforementioned position yet are as popularly spoken without it. But all in all, there is yet no standard for spoken Cebuano. Having a standard language is a matter of power, acceptability and extensive usage. In each of the respective territories of Cebuano, there is a dominant variety, those in their economic and educational centers. RECOMMENDATIONS

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