The spread of mass transit was a major factor in the growth
Major league baseball, integrated in the 1880s, was the first professional sport to treat blacks and whites equally (at least on the field)
Why was the development of cast-iron and steel-frame construction techniques significant to the growth of cities
They allowed developers to erect high rise buildings
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Why did the U.S. government open Ellis Island
It was part of a federal effort to take charge of admitting immigrants to the country in light of the corruption that afflicted the city of New York’s system.
After 1890, most immigrants were:
From southern and eastern Europe
Nativists believed
Immigrants threatened traditional American Culture
Why was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 significant in American immigration history>
It was the first federal law to restrict immigration on the basis of race and class
All of the following statements about newspapers in the late nineteenth century are true EXCEPT:
They were the primary medium for political life

The number of newspaper grew twice as fast as the population between 1870 and 1900

They were openly partisan

They usually did not support either of the national political parties

Many published poetry and fiction as well as news

They usually did not support either of the national political parties
In the late nineteenth century, the least likely place you would find a woman spending her leisure time was at:
A saloon
One of the reasons parks and outdoor recreation became popular in the late nineteenth century was because:
Concerns over congestion and disease led many to seek ways to restore their vitality and improve their health
Facing severe restrictions in their free time, married working women often:
Found fellowship with other women on the public streets while tending to other responsibilities
Baseball could lay claim to being the most democratic sport in nineteenth century America because
People of all social classes attended the games
Alexander Cartwright
Recognized as the father of organized baseball
Henry Cabot Lodge
One of the leading organizers of the immigration Restriction league
Chester Arthur
He vetoed the chinese exclusion act before it was overridden by Congress
Fredrick Law Olmsted
He designed New York City’s Central Park

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