What modern idea was advanced by Confucius over 2000 years ago?
Government depends on the will of the people
The total arable land in China in approximately
10-12 percent
Ancient Chinese civilization originated in the valleys of the
Yellow and Yangtze
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The beginnings of civilization in china were
possibly first experienced under the Xia Dynasty.
The Shang Dynasty
equipped its army with two horse chariots
Which of the following was true about Shang government?
The king was viewed as an intermediary between heaven and earth.
Shang Dynasty Rulers
were often buried with hundreds of their retainers
Ancient Chinese villages were organized on the basis of
During the Shang Dynasty, the Chinese
Achieved renown for their bronze casting achievements
The term “the Dao” in China means
intellectual brilliance
The idea of the Mandate of Heavan was
introduced in the Bhaghavadagita
By the late Zhou dynasty, one of the prime sources of food in China was
According to the Zhou concept of the Mandate of Heavan
The king was expected to rule in a considerate and effective manner because he was selected by the gods to tule in order to maintain the order of the universe
Examples of the Zhou advances in agricultural technology included the
Use of artificial fertilization and stirrup harnesses
In early China, it was believed that the universe was divided between two primary forces
the sun as the yang and the moon as the yin
The conversations between Confucius and his disciples are found in the
Way of the Dou
Although not technically rejecting aristocratic role, Confucius believed that a primary basis for granting the right to participate in government should be
developed during the “hundred Schools” era
Core belief in the need to force people to behave properly through the use of restrictive regulations was the foundation of the philosophy of
The first fully unified government in Chinese history was that of the
The Qin Dynasty
Carried out public book burnings
Characteristic elements of daily Chinese life were
Simple and sparely furnished houses
The significant cultural contribution of the Shang Dynasty was the work that cast in
The terra-cotta figures near the Qin First Emperors burial mound demonstrates the
Huge expenditure that were devoted to afterlife preparation for the monarch
The Zhou dynasty is famous for its bronze vasting

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