Chapter 1 and 2 AP World History Vocabulary

Cultural Diffusion
The spreading of ideas or products from one culture to another.
The statistical study of human populations.
Intervening Obstacles
Event or factor that discourages people from migrating.
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Chapter 1 and 2 AP World History Vocabulary
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Chapter 1 and 2 AP World History Vocabulary
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Neolithic Revolution
The New Stone Age in which animal domestication and agriculture originated.
The belief or worship of more than one god.
Specialization of Labor
The breakdown of jobs into narrow and repetitive tasks.
A system of writing in which wedge-shaped symbols represented words or syllables.
An ancient Indus Valley Civilization that flourished between 2600 and 1900 B.C.E.
The Bronze Age people from central Anatolia.
Division of Labor
A production process in which a worker or group of workers is assigned a specialized task in order to increase efficiency.
Independent Invention
An invention made by an inventor on their own.
To move from one country, place, or locality to another.
Push Factor
A force that acts to drive people away from a place.
The people who dominated southern Mesopotamia through the end of the millenium.
A small independent state consisting of an urban center and the surrounding agricultural territory.
The central figure in the ancient Egyptian state.
The northern nomadic Indians that came from the Russian steppes.
Mandate of Heaven
Chinese religious and political ideology developed by the Zhou.
The science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants.
Marker Events
An event in history that changes the world.
The division of history into periods.
Pull Factor
A force that draws people to a new location.
The first king of the Babylonian empire.
A massive pyramidal stepped tower made of mud bricks.
A system of writing in which pictorial symbols represented sounds, syllables, or concepts.
Southern Indians that were driven farther south by the Aryans.
Seasonal winds in the Indian Ocean caused by the differences in temperature between the rapidly heating and cooling landmasses and the slow changing ocean waters.

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