Chapter 11 World History Adv

Which of the following was a nomadic empire that served as a model for the Turks and the Mongols?
Which of the following is an example of the Mongol rulers’ policy toward people in the conquered territories?
Chinese and Muslim officials were allowed to hold advisory positions in government.
Which of the following was an obstacle to the creation of large empires among pastoralists?
Internal rivalry between clans
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Chapter 11 World History Adv
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Chapter 11 World History Adv
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Which of the following describes the role pastoral societies played in world history before the Mongol Empire?
They created a series of nomadic empires and controlled major trade routes.
A characteristic feature of pastoral societies was their
Which of the following contributed to Temujin’s rise to power and recognition as Chinggis Khan of the Great Mongol Nation?
The incorporation of warriors from defeated tribes into his own forces
Which of the following facilitated the creation of the Mongol Empire?
The territories the Mongols invaded were experiencing internal divisions.
What happened to the Mongols in Persia in the fourteenth century?
The Mongols assimilated into Persian society.
What role did Mongol women play in the administration of the Mongol empire?
They advised on government policies and court decisions.
In comparison to the Mongol conquests of Persia and China, Mongol rule in Russia
was not accompanied by Mongol occupation.
Which of the following resulted from Mongol rule over Russia?
The adoption by Russian princes of the Mongols’ diplomatic rituals and court practices
The most difficult and protracted of the Mongols’ many conquests was in
Which of the following was a feature of Mongol rule?
Tolerance of all religions
What aspects of Chinese civilization did Mongol rulers in the Yuan dynasty adopt?
The use of traditional Confucian rituals
What do the selections by Chinggis Khan and Ogodei, as well as the epitaph for the Mongol official Menggu, reveal about Mongol rule in China?
The Mongols adopted many Confucian ideas on governance.
Which of the following was a long-term effect of the Black Death on European society?
The weakening of serfdom
Which of the following statements best describes the Mongols’ cultural impact on Eurasia?
They had little cultural impact, and did not contribute their language, religion, or civilization to the peoples they conquered.
Why was promoting international commerce important to the Mongols?
They wanted to extract wealth from civilizations by taxing trade.
Which of the following describes pastoral societies’ relationship with agricultural societies?
Pastoral societies sought food stuffs, manufactured goods, and luxury items from agricultural societies.
Which of the following is a reason Western Europe was not conquered by the Mongols?
Western Europe lacked adequate pasture for Mongol herds.
Which region gained the most from the exchanges of ideas and technologies facilitated by the Mongol Empire?
What was an important contribution of pastoralist societies to Afro-Eurasian history?
They mastered environments that were unsuitable for crop-based agriculture.
Which of the following was a way in which the Mongols contributed to the globalization of the Eurasian world?
In providing a secure environment for traders, they facilitated long-distance international commerce.
In what way were Europeans in the sixteenth century similar to Mongols in the thirteenth century?
Both were on the periphery of the major established civilizations.
The excerpts describing the Mongol practice of anda and the process by which Temujin acquired the title of Chinggis Khan suggest that political authority and political relationships were based on
deeply personal ties of friendship and loyalty.
The Mongol Empire played a significant role in world history because it
brought together the nomadic peoples of inner Eurasia and the agricultural civilizations of outer Eurasia.

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