Characteristics of a Good Learning Environment

Characteristics of an excellent learning environment. The physical place of the classroom can affect a students learning. I noticed that many classrooms are shaped like a box. In which the teacher stands at the front providing the students with information, rather than knowledge. Classrooms should be designed so that the teacher and students can meet as a group, as well be able to work independently. The method that I find works the best is when students work together as small groups. Information can be better examined and be explained in different perspectives.

Students need excellent instructors in their classrooms. Instructors create a natural critical learning environment for their students. Every instuctors environment will be different in some type of way. Some instructors create this environment with lectures, discussions, or role playing. These types of teaching will help students to learn new material and apply it in their lives. Many times an instructor’s lecture is extremely long, and I lose interest. I often look at the clock or daydream after a while.

It’s not because I don’t care what their talking about, it’s just that I enjoy working hands on. Instructors play an important role in a student’s success and should teach in a way that students best learn. The role of grades is an important part of evaluating a student. A student who works hard and puts forth a lot of effort will normally earn good grades. The students are eager to learn new material and apply it. Me, myself often works extremely hard to earn good grades. Many times I do not get my desired grade because many times I just do enough to get by.

I often get frustrated with myself for not achieving a grade I could have earned. Learning is my number one role and responsibility as a student. If I fail to learn it who will learn it for me. I have to be one hundred percent dedicated to learning new things. I know that every class hat I am attending in college will be applied in my career. I know that I am far from being a good writer but I’m willing to learn how to become one. I will also learn how I could have written this essay better from my instructor.

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Characteristics of a Good Learning Environment
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