Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Phar-Mor Code of Ethics Phar-Mor strives to be the leading retailer in providing the lowest priced and highest quality goods for our communities, while delivering exemplary levels of customer service. Phar-Mor believes in providing a positive and ethical working environment to help guide all employees in word and action, which promotes an unshakable framework of integrity and trust between all stakeholders. Phar-Mor endeavors to proactively contribute to its communities through local philanthropies, scholarship programs, and community service.

Phar-Mor appreciates and respects all employees equally and strives to reward hard work, and provide training to enhance the value of all employees. Phar-Mor believes in providing a safe, secure, and healthy working environment, and stands behind a zero-tolerance policy of any discrimination or harassment. Phar-Mor maintains both an open-door policy, which respects the concerns and suggestions of all employees and strives to continually improve the organization based on these recommendations. Also, Phar-Mor upholds a whistle-blower policy, which guarantees the anonymity of employees who courageously choose to report illicit activity.

Phar-Mor is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity in all customer relationships. Phar-Mor strives to achieve customers’ satisfaction by providing the best services, products and prices through ethical and socially responsible practices. Phar-Mor understands the importance of communicating clearly with its customers, which fosters trust, openness, and a thorough understanding of the spirit of Phar-Mor. Phar-Mor does not make any promises unless they believe that they will be able to keep.

Phar-Mor respects the privacy of its customers’ confidential information by protecting it and make sure it is in safe place. Phar-Mor maintains integrity with its shareholders through proper use of its assets and property in its effort to continually create shareholder and value. Phar-Mor strives to present accurate and honest records and reports that will reflect the true financial situation of the company to provide investors the ability to make accurate decisions. Phar-Mor strictly upholds high accounting standards and provides complete and detailed accounts of all relevant transactions, assets, and accounts.

Phar-Mor operates business based on honesty and fairness and upholds strict policies against bribery, corruption, and unethical practices with suppliers. Phar-Mor believes in prompt payments to suppliers and encourages collaboration to find the most effective and efficient logistical system, which will enhance cost savings that will be passed on to its customers. Phar-Mor works to serve and uphold the communities, in which it operates, through strict adherence to the laws, as well as proactively managing its environmental impact.

Phar-Mor believes in contributing a portion of its profit to the local communities through donations to local schools for sports and scholarships, volunteer work with nonprofit organizations, and community service. Phar-Mor’s code of ethics is addressed to all company stakeholders including all who directly and indirectly work toward the company’s objectives. Phar-Mor maintains easily accessible channels of communication, including anonymous hotlines and access to management, which can be used by personnel to report violations of the code or make suggestions to improve the code of ethics.

Phar-Mor then reviews and takes necessary action if any violations are ascertained or improvements are warranted. Phar-Mor is committed to foster and ensure an appropriate understanding of the code of ethics and to disseminate knowledge of the code among all stakeholders through internal and external publications and annual statements. Phar-Mor strives to obtain valuable feedback through a unique feedback system on the effectiveness of the code of ethics. Suggestions are openly accepted and every year the review committee evaluates the suggestions and any other required compliances and includes/modifies the code of ethics.