Crash Course U.S. History: The Quakers, Dutch, and the Ladies

Who are Quakers?
A quaker is a member of a Christian religious group whose members dress simply, are against violence, and have meetings without any special ceremony or priests
What is Dutch?
Dutch is the language of the Netherlands.
What was New York before it got its name?
New York name before it got its name was Amsterdam.
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Crash Course U.S. History: The Quakers, Dutch, and the Ladies
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What was another name for Pennsylvania?
Another name for Pennsylvania is “The Poor’s Man Land”.
Where did the Quakers live?
The Quakers lived in Pennsylvania with the Indians.
What did Barkerly try to do?
Barkerly try to kill all the Indians that were on the land.
How did people get sick and why?
People got sick by disentery and the people drinked the waste from other people and then they died.
What is Dominion Republic?
The Dominion Republic is it takes the south and the southeast states.
What is the definition of Artisan?
A person that is skilled at making thing by hand.
What did the Ladies do?
The ladies did was they just worked and other things to maintain their life.

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