Crash Course US History #5

Seven years war
Churchill called it the first world war
Lasted for 9 years
About economics
Governor of VA awarded land grant to Ohio company –> natives mad because it was their land
Ohio company didn’t recognize French land claims
Led by GW
Fort necessity abandoned
Fort Duqane
British take control of no via scotia but many die in expulsion
British take Montreal
Key in 18th century
Idea that government should regulate economy to increase power
Increasing tariff and monopolies and trade balance
Colonies produced raw materials and brought back finished goods from materials
Most important trade routes
Sugar and tobacco –> heavy on labour
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Crash Course US History #5
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Crash Course US History #5
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Triangular trade
Between Europe, Africa, and colonies
Trade of slaves
Allowed for growth of society
Rival of English
1750 65,000 colonists
Formed alliances along Ohio to dominate fur trade
Treaty of Paris 1763
Ended 7 years war
Britain wins
Brits get Canada and Florida from Spain
France get sugar islands –> more valuable
Spain gets Cuba (sugar) and Philippines (close to China)
Natives stuck with Brits and feel compelled to fight back to protect fur trade
Lead to American revolution
Pontiacs rebellion
After 7 years war
Indians revolt
Failed to stop British but take Detroit Nd kill many
Convince them to slow settlements
Proclamation of 1763
Reserves west of Appalachian to Indians but British ignore it
more power to property owners
Came out after war
Protect citizens natural rights
John Locke = life Liberty property
Give up Liberty for protection from government
Great awakening
Super religious
Early 18th century
New denominations
Baptists Methodists etc
More emphasis on experience of salvation and rebirth
More emotional
Partly lead to revolution
More criticism of religious leaders
Johnathon edwards
Leader in awakening
Shut down town in 1733 because of speech
Humans need only repent
Believed salvation was in each person

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