Cultural Geographies (Chapter 5)

Actor Network Theory
actually less of a theory and more of an orientation. Views the world as composed of heterogeneous things, including humans and non-humans and objects.
Emotions that are embodied reactions to the social and physical environment.
Cultural Complex
Combination of traits characteristic of a particular group.
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Cultural Geographies (Chapter 5)
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Cultural Geographies (Chapter 5)
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Cultural Geography
Focuses on the way space, place, and landscape shape culture at the time that culture shapes space, place, and landscape.
Cultural Hearths
The geographic origins or sources of innovations, ideas, or ideologies.
Cultural Landscape
A characteristic and tangible outcome of the complex interactions between a human group-with its own practices, preferences, values, and aspirations-and its natural environment.
Cultural Nationalism
an effort to protect regional and national cultures from the homogenizing impact of globalization, especially from the penetrating influence of US culture.
Cultural Region
An area where certain cultural practices, beliefs, or values are more or less practiced by the majority of the inhabitants.
Cultural System
traits, territorial affiliation, and shared history, as well as other, more complex elements, such as language and religion.
Cultural Trait
A single aspect of the complex of routine practices that constitute a particular cultural group.
Is a shared set of meanings that is lived through the material and symbolic practices of everyday life.
Within standard languages, regional variations of the language.
Spatial dispersion of a previously homogeneous group.
A socially created system of rules about who belongs to a particular group based upon actual or perceived commonalities, such as language or religion.
Folk Culture
Is seen by specialists as the traditional practices of small groups, especially rural people with a simple lifestyle (Compared with modern, urban people), such as the Amish in Pennsylvania or the Roma in Europe, who are seen as homogeneous in their belief systems and practices.
Genre de vie
Key concept in Vidal de la Blache’s approach to cultural geography in France, referred to a functionally organized way of life characteristic of a particular culture group.

Centered on the livelihood practice of groups that were seen to shape physical, social, and psychological bonds.

Historical Geography
Very simply, defined, is the geography of the past.
meant to convey a mixing of different types.
An Arabic term that means “Submission,” specifically submission to God’s will.
An anti-colonial, anti-imperial political movement.
Normally thought of as a relationship based on blood, marriage, or adoption.
communicating ideas or feelings by means of a conventionalized system of signs, gestures, marks, or articulate vocal sounds.
Language branch
Collection of languages that possesses a definite common origin but has split into individual languages.
Language family
Collection of individual languages believed to be related in their prehistorical origin.
Language group
Collection of several individual languages that is part of a language branch, shares a common origin in the recent past, and has relatively similar grammar and vocabulary.
emphasizes that the material world-its objects and nonhuman entities-is at least partly separate from humans and possesses the power to affect humans.
Member of the community of believers who duty is obedience and submission to the will of god.
Non representational theory
understand human life as process that is always unfolding, always becoming something different, even if only slightly so.
Popular Culture
The practices and meaning systems produced by large groups of people whose norms and tastes are often heterogeneous and change frequently, often in response to commercial produces.
A problematic classification of human beings based on skin color and other physical characteristics.
Practice of creating unequal castes based on the nor of whiteness.
Belief system and a set of practices that recognize the existence of a power higher than humankind.
Rites of passage
Acts, customs, practices, or procedures that recognize key transitions in human life-birth, menstruation, and other markers of adulthood such as sexual awakening and marriage.
A set of practices and identities that a given culture considers related to each other and to those things it considers sexual acts and desires.
Form of social identity created by groups who share a set of ideas about collective loyalty and political action.
World Music
Musical genre defined largely by the surge of non English language recordings released in the UK and the US during the 1980s.

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