Describe the Different Stakeholders

Kentucky Fried Chicken There are many stakeholders of KFC the main ones are Employees, Customers, Delivery services, Contracted Vending Companies, suppliers and Contracted Cleaning Companies. Employees- •Employees are important stakeholders in the business as they provide the service to the customer who eats at KFC. Without well trained staff the business would not run smoothly. The interest of the staff would be to make sure they have a secure job and a steady wage.

If employees feel they are being treated poorly they will be less enthusiastic towards work. Customers- •Without customers going to KFC it would not make profit and eventually go bust. Customer’s interest in KFC would be to go to their restaurant to have a fast food meal in which they enjoy. Delivery services- •Delivery services expand the product and services for the customers. Without delivery services being on time and well ran KFC would not have the stock that is needed. Contracted Vending companies- Their interest would be to supply their product to KFC so they sell it on and get their product in the restaurants. Contacted Cleaning Companies- •They would insure that KFC stays hygienic and the image of the company is good. Employees- • Employees are important stakeholders in the business as they provide the service to the customer who travels via Translink. Without the staff being able to do their job correctly the company would not run according to plan. If the staff do not do their job correctly it will not insure they stay in the work place.

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Customers- •Translink supply a service to the people of Northern Ireland which are customers. Customers aren’t as important to Translink as they are to KFC as Translink is government run and does not make a profit. Even if customers don’t use Translink it will not go bust as everyone pays tax’s to keep it running. Bus/ Train manufactures- •They want to insure Translink are running well so they have another company that will buy new equipment off them. Contracted Cleaning Companies- Translink will spend a certain amount of money each year to provide a clean station and equipment this will make sure of a tidy company and will keep customers coming back. G4S security company- •G4S want to keep their contract with Translink as this will make them a profit. They are contracted so that the stations are safe and the staff feel secure. Local Shops- •They would want Translink to be close to their shops so that commuters going and coming off the Train or Bus to go to their shops.

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Describe the Different Stakeholders
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