Assignment 205 Identify Legal Requirements For Dealing With Complaints

Julia B 304

Task C: Organisational requirements for dealing with complaints

Company should have Concerns and Complaints Policy in place. The main aim of it is to ensure that complaints procedure is properly and effectively implemented and that service users feel confident that their complaints and worries are listened to and acted upon promptly and fairly.

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Assignment 205 Identify Legal Requirements For Dealing With Complaints
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These standards require care home managers to have clear procedures that enable service users to make their views, concerns and worries known, and that reassure them that appropriate action will be taken. Policies and procedures for dealing with suspicion or evidence of physical, financial or material, psychological or sexual abuse, neglect, self harm or degrading behaviour should also be put in place. Standards requiers that every care home: have clear and effective complaints procedure, which includes the stage of, and ime scales, for the process and that service users know how and to whom complain staff listen and act on the views and concerns of service users and others before they develop into formal complaints complaint procedure is explained to service users in appropriate language and format all complaints are responded within 28 days servise users, if they wish, can make a complaint one-to-one with a staff member or independent advocacy/interpreters of their choice service users and their families are assured they will not be victimised for making a complaint a record of raised complaints is kept and checked at least three-monthly

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