Diversity of People in United States: A Threat to U. S. Security?

Diversity of People in United States: A Threat to U. S. Security?

I. Introduction

As the globalization become rampant, people are migrating to and from different parts of the world. The United States (U.S.), being a well developed country in the world, apparently, different citizens from different countries and continents are trying to migrate and build their lives in the U.S.

This could not only be seen in the modern days but also in the past era of the America wherein French people and African ethnics, from their migrant ancestors, are able to live now as American citizens. Being a divert country; different people are living within one geographical area. Considering that U.S. is a very politicking and powerful country, cold war and gaps with other nations are unavoidable.

Along with this study, the main objective of this research is to know whether the culture of diversity in U.S. could be a threat to the national security of the country. Further, the study also aims to provide information regarding the different race and nationality of the people living in the U.S. Also, the purpose of the study is also to determine the implications of having U.S. citizens who are born in different places and nationalities.

The study is conducted for the advantage of formulation of mitigating measures if there are negative implications showcased by the study.

In addition, the study only encompasses people who are living within the geographic area of the country. It will be conducted in a specified (and short) period of time since the resources of the researchers are also limited.

II. Methodology

The research study will be using secondary data from the civil registrar and primary data through personal interviews with different professionals (e.g. demographers and sociologists) for thorough analysis of the study.

The research design that the researcher will be using is the Experimental design with the combination of the Quasi – experimental design. First, the Experimental design because the study will still follow the scientific method in performing data gathering. Second, the Quasi – experimental design will also be used because of the use of the statistics data and the adherence to lesser random research.

The study will also be using cluster random sampling. This sampling method could be more appropriate with the study since subunits of the population that will be gathered will becoming from all states in the U.S. Thus, the study could have an equal representation from each cluster.

The method of analysis that will be used in the study is the deductive approach or analysis. From the general information that can be gathered, each thread of details that could contribute significantly to the result of the study.

Those data that are planned to collect are data of the migrants since after World War II. The numbers of the natural American citizens

The numbers of the natural American citizens will also be counted, meaning, these people are whose parents are both American citizens and born in the U.S. Also, the statistics of the different ethnic, races, and nationalities in different states will also be collected. From the national defense, some security measures will also be searched in addition to the recommendation of the study.

III. Results and Discussion (Possible Implication of the Study)

There could be many trends from the result and discussions of the study, if it will be conducted completely. There are numbers of implications of the study that could be shown like despite the fact that people in the U.S. are born in different places and nationality, it is not a threat to the national security of the country since the country, itself, has its own tight measure against the terrorism and any violent act to the state. Also, the study could also implies that a tighter security measure should still be implemented within for a safer lives of the U.S. citizens.


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