Do Not Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

We think that all the eggs a hen lays will hatch and become chickens, we may be wrong. Some of the eggs may be rotten. Others may get broken or damaged.

So we cannot be sure that an off will become a chick until it has hatched. Do not be too optimistic or hopeful about a favorable outcome. We may have o wait forthe results. A flower and a bud are different things although it is the bud that blossoms into the beautiful flower. But until that happens, we cannot say for sure that the bud will become a flower. A naughty boy may pluck it off. Some bird might peck and damage the bud or a strong wind might blow and spoil it. So it is always wise not to lay too much hope on anything that we do until it becomes what we hope.

It is good to be optimistic. But too much hoping many bring dejection. The proverb suggests that it is unwise today excess hopes on anything thatOne can plan one’s life as carefully as possible to get the maximum results out of his efforts. One can dream of bigger and better things too, for, to excel is a basic human urge. However, to be overambitious or to plan beyond what reality permits may be foolhardy and counterproductive. A chicken owner may place 20 eggs for incubation, but only less than half may hatch into chicks, other eggs going rotten.

If the former had expected all the eggs to hatch into chicks, he was in for disappointment. Real situations hardly match expectations. If men are aware of this reality of life, it will be good for their mental health. Genuine efforts are expected to yield reasonable results, but that may not match what one desired. Remember, one can be sure of an event only after it had happened, not before. Desires or imaginary things are not realities. So do not count your chickens even before they are hatched. we do in our day to day life.

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Do Not Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch
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