Do you think that religion is as important today as it was in the past?

Do you think that religion is as important today as it was in the past?

Religion involves the relationship between mankind and what is regarded as sacred. Religion almost always includes the belief in the supernatural and a code of ethical behavior. Why do men suffer? What is the nature of the Universe and How it is governed? What is the nature of man and what is his destiny? Religion tries to answer the questions of ultimate existence and of life and death and human and destiny. Many religions hold the universe is governed by God. “Through religion man may see meaning in the universe and find a personal role in it” (Berger 50).

Thousands of years ago, religion played a very vital role in the lives of the people. Even though that time, things were not that complicated. People still has a closer connection to God. People then put a greater emphasis on going to church, fellowshipping with their brother’s and sister’s in the Lord and in maintaining their relationship with their creator.

As of now, in our present times I think that Religion is ten times important than it was before. As the modern world is evolving and is now being introduced to different kinds of beliefs and theories that could likely shake our foundation of faith for God. The basis and the only foundation of our faith is Jesus Christ. We must hold on to him more especially these days that there are many deceivers out there that are being used by the enemy to destroy us and to keep us away from the loving arms of God. When we don’t have a strong foundation of our relationship to God, we can easily yield to the temptations and offerings that Satan will present to us, like the technology of today. If we don’t know how to control the usage of technology of today, we can be manipulated and controlled by it. That is just one of the tactics of Satan to let us fall into the pit he is preparing for us, for us to be kept away from God’s destiny for us.

Today, there are many existing religions. There are the Protestants, Orthodox and the Roman Catholics. Like in the past, there was a Counter Reformation that happened. Which was also described as “the Catholic Reformation and in this period of the Reformations, it included a series of wars that ended in 1648” (Berger 53).

The Reformation seemed primarily a religious upheaval; it was also a complex social and political movement. A revolt against the religion and the way of life. It was a part of the transition from medieval to modern times. The revolt accompanied a change in the political, economic, intellectual, and ecclesiastical traditions of the medieval age of faith. The results touched every aspect of human life.

The Counter Reformation was a struggle against Protestantism; it was a movement for the spiritual and moral reform within the Catholic Church. “The wars that accompanied the Reformation were basically political, but they were closely bound up with the religious issues” (Berger 53). That time, there was a great competition between the Protestants and the Catholics. The struggle dragged on because the stronger could not conquer and the weaker would not compromise.

It was said that “the Western Church was split between Catholics and Protestants. By the latter part, the dividing lines had hardened, during the following centuries they changed very little. The protestant split into several groups, and later they subdivided again and again” (Berger 54).The Reformation was a historical event of great significance. It became a part of a larger movement that led to the development of independent nations and modern democracy.

In this present time, Reformation still exists in such a way that there are still many existing religions now. There are still issues regarding Catholicism and its doctrines. There are still political movements that are being influenced by the religious sects. There still existing competitions between religions now, in which they compete if what religion will really help people reach heaven, let their prayers be heard by God and be with their Creator.

There are still a number of religious issues being tackled by now. The issues that keeps affecting the different aspects of human life. Different religions keep on competing for them to invite individuals to come and join with them. Sometimes because of these, the essence of having a religion is lost. The real perspective of establishing a deeper relationship with God is lost because of the overwhelming issues that could bother the spiritual and emotional aspect of a person.

“The real role of having a religion is to develop a deeper and serious relationship with our Almighty Creator” (Berger 54). God does not base our salvation on what religious denomination we join to. He looks at the position of our hearts and of we really love Him and long to be with Him sincerely. He does not base his judgment on the things we do and achieve. It is our hearts that He looks up to.

 Whatever we have, whatever we do and whatever group we are simply does not matter to God at all. He just wants us to love Him above all, above all the things that this world offers to us, and also for us to not yield to the wiles of the enemy. We should guard the health of our body, soul and Spirit. For we human are described as “fragile and weak” (Berger 67). We should be clean spiritually so as not to hurt God and for us to be a blessing to other individuals in this world, that wherever we are and whatever we do; we do all those things for the glorification of His name.

Reference: Berger, Gilda. Religion .Watts, 1983.