Effect of Anxiety Disorder

EFFECT OF ANXIETY DISORDER Nowadays people suffer from not only physical healt peoblems but mental problems are also quite common. Anxiety disorder is one of the mental problem which people face to handle commonly. Therefore; what is anxiety disorder ? In article of Anxiety Attacks and Anxiety Disorders explained that ;’’ Anxiety attacks( panic attacks ), are episodes of intense panic or fear’’ (2012)*. Some Effects of the anxiety disorder are faster heart beating and breathing,changing social behaviour. Firstly, one of the main effect of anxiety disorder, faster heart beating and breathing happen with increase adrenalin in human body.

Because of the this health problem, people feel always warning and they don’t want to meet and see people around. therefore; this people want to be alone because they afraid if they can be disgraced. One of the point that people should care,not every faster heart beating and breathing mean anxiety disorder,faster heart beating and breathing is quite normal symptom of human being sensation;however,anxiety disorder patients have this beating immediately;moreover,without any symbol. Faster heart beating and breathing is simple and common effect of anxiety disorder problem.

Secondly,it is really important and bad effect of anxiety disorder;changing human behaviour. people with anxiety disorder,assume that if they can have panic when they speak or meet someone,As   Lyness, PhD state that “people who have this illnesses,fear if others dont understand their problem;moreover, if they dont show understandablity,if others can ciriticise his or her behaviour unrighteously. Patient afraid of if they can meet misunderstanding,eventhough the anxiety problem is common,people with the illnesses feel alone and misunderstood (October,2012)**.

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Effect of Anxiety Disorder
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Get regular exercise, good nutrition, and sleep(October,2010). RESOURCES **http://kidshealth. org/teen/your_mind/mental_health/anxiety. html#a_How_Are_Anxiety_Disorders_Treated_(first one: summury from under head of How Anxiety Disorders Affect People,second paragraph.. second one(in final part) is summary of under head of What to Do in article start from second paragraph. ) ————————————————- *http://www. helpguide. org/mental/anxiety_types_symptoms_treatment. htm (Under the head of Anxiety attacks and their symptoms,first sentence,direct quatation)

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