Effects of Migration Into Cities

The effects of moving into a new city or town Today everybody is going in the glamorous world of cities where one can progress and make the best use of his or her life. Parents….. Listen to their talks with their children. They say that my son or daughter will settle or go to abroad one day. And with this they start imagining and forcing their child to get highest degree and run away from where they are. Each parent today has this mentality that there is heaven like something in abroad and much else. There are many such examples to discuss. But for now one is enough I think.

In terms of living a life in a new city there are many possibilities of advantages as well as disadvantages as can be seen in education, employment and settlement point of view. These three things can be much better improved in a city where there is much scope to put a step forward towards his or her aim. In a city each one who is settled there has only one intention to earn a gallon of paper notes and coins and live a luxurious and easy way of life. This luxurious life is expected by all people. But there is something called feeling of attachment.

There is an attachment towards his or her native place. One cannot forget his or her childhood days or their neighbours and the love between them. Emotions are not allowed in a city or the town. Today since all the places are becoming industrialized there is no space for emotions but only profit. And because of this all the people are running after them. There is a great effect on especially the country. Since all the citizens are settled in abroad and the income they earn is of no use to the country, the country’s economic status lowers as compared to other countries.

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Effects of Migration Into Cities
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So that the foreign countries would progress better in terms of technology. But with this, India had to suffer in its progression. Today after British rule is no longer still their mentality always exists in each Indian that to go to abroad but not to stay here in India. The aim of writing this article is to aware the people of not to go to abroad but it is better and much better to stay in your own country and sacrifice your talents to your people and their future. – Prachiti Ganpule SYBA, St. Xavier’s college, Mapusa Goa

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