Employee and Payroll System

Rwanda Tourism University College PROJECT PROPOSAL Project title: EMPLOYEE AND PAYROLL SYSTEM Done by: MAHORO Hisham BITG/0053/10/E Tel: +250788801653 Employee and Payroll System Introduction Employee and Payroll System, this project is made in the Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0. This project keeps the record of employees working in the company. A user can add, delete or update the record of one or more employees. This project also calculate  the  salary  of  employees  and  store them in a database. Description This is Employee and Payroll System software.

In this software all the records of the employee is stored. Admin has the right to edit and delete the employee information. The employees can view their personal information,  salary details, and their leave details. this software is user friendly. This software can be used for those companies where they have lot of employees. here u will find all types of coding like coding for insert, delete, to view. Even u find queries like selecting the data from more than 2 tables. so u will get lot of help from this project. All about Employee and Payroll System:

The first form in the project is welcome form. After it we write coding of above mention form which is define below:- 1. Coding for add record for Employee. 2. Coding for delete the record from . 3. Coding for editing the record from the data base. 4. Coding for view the record form. 5. Coding for the advance view record form. 6. Coding for the salary information form. 7. Coding for the salary input form. 8. Coding for the delete salary form. 9. Coding for some button such as exit, cancel, ok  next, previous and find  button.

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Employee and Payroll System
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