Exam the Writing Process, Part 2

Exam the Writing Process, Part 2

Exam #00711800 The Writing Process, Part 2 1. Write a composition using one of the topics listed below. Your composition should be three to five paragraphs long. It should contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Today I am writing to analyze the best way to prepare a meal. As a stay at home mom with two children me preparation is very important so as to have the meal ready on time and tasting good. I will be analyzing one of my kids favorite meals which is fried chicken and macaroni and cheese When preparing this meal I like to make sure that I have all the ingredients needed for this.

Of course you will need fresh chicken drumsticks that I normally set out the morning of to ensure they are fully thawed out. You will also need 3 to 4 eggs, and cereal bowl filled half way with flour. Now for the macaroni and cheese you will need one box of pasta either elbow or shells. Those are the pasta that I choose to use but you can use any kind that you would like. You also need Velveeta cheese and a stick of butter. To prepare the fried chicken I turn on my deep fryer and set it at 375 degrees. Next I take an empty bowl and crack open 3 eggs into it and use a fork whisk the eggs together.

Then I take the drumsticks and dip them into the egg ensuring to fully coat the chicken. On full coated I roll the chicken in the flour fully coating it. Then I place the drumstick in to the fryer basket and repeat till I have at least 3 tree drumsticks to fry at one time. One I have what need in the basket I lower the basking into the heated cooking oil. I normally cook the drumsticks about 15 minutes a batch. I repeat all this until I cook the desired mount of chicken I need to feed my family which is about 6 to 8 drumsticks.

Now to prepare the macaroni and cheese, you need to get out a medium size pot and fill 3 quarters full of water and place it on the stove and bring it to a boil. Once the water is at a full boil meaning the water is fully bubbling you add your pasta. Be sure to stir the pasta occasionally to make sure that the pasta is not sticking to the pot. After about 10 minutes of boiling take your spoon and check the pasta making sure they are soft enough to you taste be careful they will be hot if they’re not soft enough keep the boiling for 5 more minutes.

While you’re waiting on your past grab your strainer and place it in the sink. Once you pasta is cooked take you pot from the heat and pour your contents into the strainer to get rid of the water. Next return you pasta to the pot add the sick of butter and 3 quarters of the stick of Velveeta cheese make sure you cut the cheese up into 1 inch squares. Stir all of the cheese and butter in until it’s all melted. That is how I prepare a simple yet satisfying meal for my family that takes roughly 45 minutes to prepare.

Cooking meals like this saves money compared to going to restaurants all the time. I spend 15 dollars to make this rather than 25 to feed my family at McDonalds. If you’re either the cooker or the eater you get satisfaction by seeing your family enjoy the meal you prepared or enjoying the meal your loved one prepared. 2. Write a letter of complaint. Follow the rules for a business letter, and use the full-block style. Brandy Clay 1448A Alaska Ave Fort Campbell, Ky 42223 March 02, 2013 Customer Service The Salute Uniforms LLC 2724 Dorr Avenue Fairfax, Va, 22031

Dear Sir or Madam: I have recently ordered a combat service identification badge for my husband from your website on February 22. I received the badge on March 1. As soon as I received the package it was noticed that the packaging had taken a beating while traveling through the mail. As soon as I opened the packaging it was apparent that the badge inside was damaged as well. When examined closer I discovered that the badge had snapped in two and the pins that are used to secure it to the uniform are bent in ways that they are not functional.

I cannot find your return or exchange policy on your website. My order number is 637130. To resolve this problem, I would simply like an exchange of this combat service identification badge for another of same brand and model. I have ordered from you several times in the past and have had no issues with the merchandise or shipping. I understand that such problems as this sometimes occur with shipping. I look forward to hearing from you concerning the exchange. You can me at (830) 688-2396 or [email protected] com. Sincerely, Brandy K. Clay