Flash Floods In Jeddah Saudi Arabia Environmental Sciences Essay

Flash Floods In Jeddah Saudi Arabia Environmental Sciences Essay

Jeddah is one of the most of import metropoliss of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Located on the shore of the Red Sea, the metropolis has a population of more than 3.5 million, and after Riyadh, is the 2nd largest urban colony of the state ( CIA Factbook, 2010, p1 ) . Incorporating the largest port on the Red Sea, it is the chief entry point for Mecca, the holiest metropolis of the Islamic faith ( CIA Factbook, 2010, p1 ) . It acts as a conduit for 1000000s of worshippers on their manner to Mecca and is otherwise a really busy commercial Centre ( CIA Factbook, 2010, p1 ) . Jeddah is besides known to be among the more cosmopolite of Saudi Arabian finishs and is home to many people from western states, because of its sea facing location, commercial importance and international connection ( CIA Factbook, 2010, p1 ) .

The metropolis experienced brassy inundations in the last hebdomad of November in 2009 ( Al-Bargi, A. , 2009, p 1 ) . The inundations resulted in a regular calamity as much of the metropolis was submerged in 3 pess of H2O and autos were swept off and piled on top of each other ( Al-Bargi, A. , 2009, p 1 ) . Appendix 1 provides some images of the flash inundations, which illustrate the extent and outrageousness of harm caused. The inundations, which lasted for hardly a twosome of yearss, resulted in the loss of more than a 100 lives and damaged 2 one million millions of dollars of belongings ( Abumansour, W. , 2009, p 1 ) . The following few yearss saw the occupants of the metropolis confronting the dangers of a possible epidemic because of ( a ) overruning sewerage from the nearby Musk Lake, which threatened to come in the metropolis, and ( B ) obvious troubles in burying the work forces, adult females, kids, and animate beings, who had died during the inundations ( Abumansour, W. , 2009, p 1 ) .

Western citizens were bemused by the strength of the mayhem and devastation caused by merely three inches of rain in a really short span of clip on November 25. A occupant of Florida writes as follows:

“ On Wednesday, my portion of west-central Florida received three-to-five inches of rain. No 1 died, even as the consequence of a traffic accident. Other than a few puddles an inch or two deep, the H2O was gone within hours of the rain ‘s passing. My metropolis has a population of about 52,000 people and nowhere near the fiscal assets of Jeddah ” . ( Crossroads Arabia, 2010, p1 )

The yearss that followed the inundations witnessed an unprecedented moving ridge of indignation in Saudi Arabia over the incompetency of the authorities in forestalling the inundations, which assumed the overtones of a calamity of great magnitude in footings of loss of lives and harm to belongings ( Alice & A ; King, 2009, p 1 ) . The episode besides resulted in terrible and all circular disapprobation of the inefficiency of town planning in Jeddah ( Alice & A ; King, 2009, p 1 ) . Numerous accusals of corruptness against authorities functionaries and members of the bureaucratism led to the suspension of legion responsible functionaries and the establishment of a public question ( Al-Sulami, 2010, p 1 ) .

“ Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has ordered the instances of all those accused of complicity in the November inundations in Jeddah referred to the watchdog for authorities employees and the national prosecution organic structure… The male monarch made it clear that offenses affecting fiscal and administrative corruptness would non be included in the list of offenses he may take to excuse subsequently ” . ( Al-Sulami, 2010, p1 )

1.2. Definition of Problem

Recent decennaries have witnessed a batch of natural inundation related catastrophes of different dimensions with changing grades of eventful harm.

Pakistan has really late, in early August 2010, experienced inundations of huge badness, which have resulted in more than 1500 deceases. The impact of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, where more than 100,000 lives were lost, will non be forgotten shortly ( National Geographic News, 2005, p 1 ) . A figure of cyclones damaged American metropoliss in the recent yesteryear and caused important harm to life and belongings ( Borland, 2010, p 1 ) .

Environmental and ecological experts attribute the greater happening of such natural catastrophes in recent old ages to planetary heating and eventful climatic alteration ( Castonguay, 2007, p 820 ) . With the impact of such climatic alteration non expected to slake in future, national and international policy shapers are working on assorted ploies to protect life and belongings from the effects of such environmental turbulencies ( Castonguay, 2007, p 820 ) .

1.3. Aim

Governments across the universe are explicating and implementing customised programs and solutions for the protection of their citizens from the wrath of nature.

Such programs evidently have to basically be bespoke in character and designed to protect against specific environmental menaces ( Carter, 2007, p 330 ) . Cities in hilly countries need to be protected from the effects of temblors and landslides, even as occupants of habitations near rivers, dikes, reservoirs and seas need to be protected from the onslaught of H2O ( Carter, 2007, p 330 ) . Plans to protect citizens from catastrophes must besides basically integrated catastrophe readying and catastrophe direction activities before, during and after the happening of catastrophes ( Carter, 2007, p 330 ) .

The Saudi Government has evidenced high degrees of concern about the execution of inundation and catastrophe direction programs in the land and the overcoming of associated troubles and limitations ( A1SaudiArabia.com, 2010, p 1 ) .

This thesis aims to look into the assorted hazards that can emerge from inundations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is besides proposed to analyze the consequence of assorted factors that can dispute or blockade flood direction programs at Jeddah and the assorted programs and steps that can be implemented to get the better of such challenges.

1.4. Purposes and Aims

The purposes and aims of this thesis, framed in conformity with the defined job and the intent of this survey, are now elaborated as under.

To analyze the assorted grounds that led to the tremendous mayhem and devastation after the happening of the flash inundations in Jeddah on November 25, 2009.

To analyze and measure the assorted hazards that can originate for life and belongings in the KSA because of unsuitable and unequal inundation direction patterns.

To analyze the different issues concerned with flood direction as besides the deductions of such issues on hazard direction for concerned public and private bureaus and for members of the population.

To analyze and understand the assorted deductions of be aftering on ecosystems with specific mention to Saudi Arabia.

To urge specific schemes, programs and steps to protect the human population, animate being and works life, and single and organizational belongings, in KSA, from such challenges.

1.5. Structure

This thesis has been structured to guarantee consecutive advancement of research findings, right from the introductory subdivision through the literature reappraisal, the pick of appropriate research methodological analysis, and the obtaining and analysis of informations to allow recommendations and decisions.

The bibliography and assorted appendices used during the survey have been placed at the terminal of the thesis.

2. Literature Reappraisal

This reappraisal of extant literature involves a elaborate survey of assorted facets of inundations, their grounds, their effects, and the assorted ways in which communities and societies are ( a ) seeking to forestall their happening, ( B ) understate their impact on the ecosystem, human and carnal life, and single and organizational belongings, and ( degree Celsius ) trade with their wake.

Information beginnings have been chosen carefully for their relevancy to the Jeddah inundations of 2009, and to the broader issue of flood bar and direction in Saudi Arabia.

2.1. Hazards from Floods

Deluging is widely accepted to be the first causal factor for loss of life and harm to belongings from natural events in legion parts of the universe ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) . It is to lucubrate farther considered to be far more detrimental than other types of natural catastrophes or jeopardies like temblors and fires ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) . The Munich Reinsurance Company, in a survey conducted in 2000, found that practically 50 % of loss of life and one tierce of economic losingss that took topographic point due to natural catastrophes, occurred because of implosion therapy ( Briguglio, 2008, p 1-15 ) . Damages from inundations have been peculiarly terrible in modern-day times ( Briguglio, 2008, p 1-15 ) . The last decennary in peculiar has witnessed a figure of inundation related catastrophes across the universe, which has resulted in widespread loss of life and amendss, amounting to 100s of one million millions of dollars, to belongings ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) . Whilst states like China and Bangladesh experience deluging with associated loss to lives and belongings really often, other states, like Saudi Arabia, for illustration, seldom face inundations ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) . However when inundations do happen in such countries, their force, impact and eventful flood is no less severe than in inundation prone parts ( Briguglio, 2008, p 1-15 ) .

It is apparent that all populated countries across the universe face hazards from implosion therapy, even as some societies are far more vulnerable than others to deluge jeopardies ( Alexander, 2006, p 1 ) . Again whilst some societies have come to understand the harm that can be caused by inundations and have adopted suited steps to understate associated harm, many others continue to be caught off guard and are found to be unprepared, to a great extent, when inundations occur ; such insufficiencies exist both in understating the harm from such inundations and in taking appropriate station catastrophe action ( Alexander, 2006, p 1 ) . The members of such under protected societies therefore frequently experience far more loss to life and belongings than those of better prepared communities ( Alexander, 2006, p 1 ) .

The rapid and progressive addition in planetary population has led to the demand for people to settle in new and hitherto unpeopled countries, some of which are known to be prone to natural jeopardies ( Boruff & A ; Cutter, 2007, p 24 ) . Saudi Arabia for case is sing uninterrupted addition in its population, much of which is fuelled by the influx of people from other states, who come in hunt of employment in the oil rich and fast turning Saudi economic system ( Boruff & A ; Cutter, 2007, p 24 ) . The motion of people on history of political, societal and economic grounds frequently leads to the development of habitation in countries that could be prone to deluging events ( Boruff & A ; Cutter, 2007, p 24 ) .

Floods are defined in insurance contracts as a “ impermanent covering of land by H2O as a consequence of surface Waterss get awaying from their normal confines or as a consequence of heavy precipitation. ” ( Kron, 2005 P 58 ) They can be categorised into three distinguishable categories, viz. ( a ) storm surges, ( B ) river inundations and ( degree Celsius ) flash inundations ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) . Apart from these three types of inundations, deluging can besides happen because of specific grounds like the happening of tsunamis, interruptions in dike, lifting of land H2O, and glacial lake effusions ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) .

Storm surges occur chiefly on the seashores of large lakes, seas, and oceans ( Castonguay, 2007, p 820 ) . They have in the past been the ground for the greatest losingss to life and belongings that have occurred because of natural H2O related catastrophes ( Castonguay, 2007, p 820 ) . Whilst developed states are strengthening their seashores in order to understate the harm from such happenings, storm rushs continue to be a major menace in coastal countries across the universe ( Castonguay, 2007, p 820 ) .

River inundations occur after heavy and uninterrupted rainfall for many yearss, and even hebdomads, over well big geographical parts ( Changnon, 1996, p 14-32 ) . Impregnation of dirt in such instances consequences in the inability of the land surface to absorb H2O indefinitely and farther rainfall consequences in H2O running straight into watercourses and rivers ( Changnon, 1996, p 14-32 ) . Such inundations by and large grow bit by bit, even though they can sometimes happen within short periods, and can impact really big countries, particularly where land topography is level ( Changnon, 1996, p 14-32 ) . Whilst river inundations in narrow vales lead to flood of little strips of land alongside rivers, the deepnesss of such flood and speed of H2O can be overly high and lead to tremendous devastation of life and belongings in affected countries ( Changnon, 1996, p 14-32 ) . Whilst river inundations occur from river based H2O beginnings and non from seas or oceans, their consequence is frequently greater than that of deluging caused by seas ( Changnon, 1996, p 14-32 ) .

Flash inundations are preponderantly local events, which occur in a scattered mode at different times across the universe ( Briguglio, 2008, p 1-15 ) . Such inundations come about after the happening of intense rainfall in a short geographical country ( Briguglio, 2008, p 1-15 ) . The rate of infiltration of H2O into the land in such instances is much slower than the rate of precipitation, even though the land may non be to the full saturated ( Briguglio, 2008, p 1-15 ) . Flash inundations frequently occur really all of a sudden and flood moving ridges can hotfoot to distant but immediate locations in really short periods ( Briguglio, 2008, p 1-15 ) . Whilst the prediction of brassy inundations is really hard because of the highly little period between its first indicant and existent happening and the existent period of happening of rainfall is short, their possible for devastation is huge ( Briguglio, 2008, p 1-15 ) . Such inundations occur non merely in steep terrains, where H2O can flux fleetly, but besides in level countries where land inclines are excessively less for the happening of fleet storm H2O overflows ( Briguglio, 2008, p 1-15 ) . Water in such state of affairss collects on the surface in barely noticeable depressions and in other countries like belowground parking tonss, cellars and metros ( Briguglio, 2008, p 1-15 ) .

Deluging besides occurs because of H2O logging when widespread and uninterrupted rains inundate big traps of land ( Castonguay, 2007, p 820 ) .

2.2. Impact of Eco Systems on Floods

Environmental experts province that whilst clime alteration is perchance act uponing the inordinate rainfall that has been harrying Asia in the last few old ages, the purposeful and progressive devastation of eco systems by worlds is playing a greater function in the intensification of the badness of inundations ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) . Extensive deforestation, along with the transition of wet lands to sprawling urban development and the blocking of natural drainage systems are escalating the impact of inundations ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) .

A figure of environmental experts agree that whilst much of the modern twenty-four hours jobs associated with environmental issues are being attributed to climate alteration, the badness of natural catastrophes is really intensifying because of human devastation of natural substructure ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) . Millions of people are constructing places along flood fields and increasing refuse is barricading natural H2O ways ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) . All across Asia, metropoliss are sing unplanned growing of urban conurbation, along with hapless land and waste direction ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) . Such developments are cut downing natural protective phenomena and exposing human life and belongings to opportunities of extended harm ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) .

Obtaining a true apprehension of eco system services in the safeguarding of human well being is hard because of the scope of factors that can both protect and harm worlds during natural catastrophes ( Castonguay, 2007, p 820 ) . The following tabular array illustrates the assorted ways in which eco systems play of import functions in inundation ordinance ( Castonguay, 2007, p 820 ) .

Key Role of Ecosystems in Regulating Extreme Events


Role in Flood Regulation


Crop screen provides flood protection, conditioned on good direction

Dry land

Protection through flora screen ; recharge of aquifers


Protection from inundations supplying inundation fading and dirt loss bar


Move people off from flood-prone countries, conditioned on good urban


Inland Waters

Provide mechanisms for inundation fading potency ( wetlands, lakes, etc. )


Benefits from sediment conveyance to the coastal zone ; inundation protection provided by coastal ecosystems ( barrier beaches, Rhizophora mangles, etc. )

Devil dog

Benefits from alimentary conveyance to the oceans


Discharge ordinance to oceans in the Arctic system ( freshwater proviso to Arctic oceans )


Regulating flood-related events ( slope stableness )


Benefits from sediment conveyance to oceans through inundations from the mainland ; aquifer recharge as chief beginning of fresh H2O

( Beginning: Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 444 )

2.3. Role of Spatial Planning in Flood Prevention and Control

Increased exposure to implosion therapy of different types is happening across the universe because of devastation of protective eco systems like Rhizophora mangles, coral reefs and inundation fields ( Alterman, 2001, p 7-19 ) . Catastrophes have been found to be higher in parts that have suffered from greater environmental debasement ( Alterman, 2001, p 7-19 ) .

Many states experience terrible jobs from inundations at irregular but frequent intervals ( Chan & A ; Parker, 1996, p 313 ) . The traditional attack taken by such states for decrease of inundation control consists chiefly of ( a ) steps like building of butchs and dikes, and ( B ) betterments to canals, channels, and drainage systems ( Chan & A ; Parker, 1996, p 313 ) . Many of such programmes have been adopted specifically for metropoliss and demarcated agricultural countries and have involved the deployment of a limited scope of technology activities for the overcoming of deluging jobs ( Chan & A ; Parker, 1996, p 313 ) . Whilst some of these solutions have proven to be utile, others have ended up in worsening inundation harm ( De Cola, 2002, p 363 ) . Many western states are now recognizing the insufficiency of inundation direction programmes that are entirely dependent upon structural steps ( De Cola, 2002, p 363 ) .

Western states are progressively prosecuting in deployment of non-structural methods for inundation bar ( Comfort, 1988, p 78- 82 ) . Such steps aim to understate losingss through commanding urban and indirect development in countries at hazard from inundations ( Comfort, 1988, p 78- 82 ) . Non-structural steps are by and big utilized along with a scope of structural steps in order to make comprehensive systems for covering with inundation jobs ( Comfort, 1988, p 78- 82 ) . Many such programmes with non-structural constituents have nevertheless met with partial success because of jobs associated with zoning of land and resettlement of people ( Comfort, 1988, p 78- 82 ) .

“ Comprehensive inundation jeopardy direction is the most effectual manner to turn to inundation control issues. It incorporates a assortment of technology, environmental protection and planning steps. It includes inundation field direction, inundation control care activities, storm H2O direction, shoreline direction, protection of often flooded countries under Growth Management, watershed direction, other inundation hazard extenuation activities, and readying for inundation catastrophes where extenuation activities can non forestall implosion therapy. ” ( MRSC, 2010, p1 )

Experts agree that spacial direction, which includes both structural and non-structural steps, can significantly assist in forestalling and cut downing the impact of natural catastrophes ( Comfort, 1988, p 78- 82 ) . Such be aftering basically contains the undermentioned elements:

Early on warning system: Spatial planning will win merely if it is based upon sound information on the part under consideration. This calls for the debut and execution of suited methods for acquisition and measuring of informations about environmental jeopardies.

Risk Assessment and Mapping: The preparation of effectual systems for bar of inundation related catastrophes depends upon the handiness of comprehensive information on the causes and impact of deluging. Such systems require the creative activity of appropriate models for appraisal and rating of inundations. Hydrological and geological information like thematic jeopardy maps can assist significantly in cut downing loss of life and belongings because of inundations.

Prevention and Decrease: Spatial planning attempts require the analysis of assorted inter-relationships between spacial planning and the happening of inundations. Appropriate spacial theoretical accounts can be discussed and established merely on the footing of consequences of such analysis.

Hazard direction: Spatial planning, to be effectual, needs to carefully look at assorted elements of substructure like emptying paths and safety infinites, which can assist safeguard and unafraid persons during the happening of inundations.

Reconstruction: Spatial planning is of utmost importance during Reconstruction after catastrophes, when reconstructing has to be suitably executed in order to extinguish past insufficiencies and fix for future developments. ( Comfort, 1988, p 78- 82 )

2.4. Prevention, Management and Control of Flood Catastrophes

Spatial planning, whilst highly of import for extenuation of the impact of inundations is merely one of a figure of dimensions that have to be considered, when be aftering for bar, direction, and control of inundation catastrophes. Some highly of import facets of inundation control are detailed in the undermentioned sub-sections ( Haeuber & A ; Michener, 1998, p 74 ) .

2.4.1. Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping

A exposure analysis aims to measure the hazards faced by constructions and populations within inundation prone countries ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) . Such analysis assesses the possible impact of implosion therapy by manner of harm to roads, Bridgess, edifices and critical public-service corporations ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) . Vulnerability analysis is executed for different chance degrees of inundations and leads to the development of an elevation-damage curve ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) . Such an analysis, by placing high hazard populations, is utile for preparation of needed exigency responses in footings of emptying and impermanent shelters ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) . A exposure analysis besides helps in make up one’s minding acceptable hazard degrees and the degree for which protection is indispensable ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) .

Function is closely associated with exposure analysis and represents a elaborate definition of hazard prone countries ( Kaschube, 2006, p 50 ) . Mapping is an of import cardinal activity for all types of inundation readying programmes ( Kaschube, 2006, p 50 ) . With such maps frequently holding legal deductions with respect to zoning and the executing of structural and non-structural inundation control actions, they must be believable and accurate ( Kaschube, 2006, p 50 ) . Such function by and big takes topographic point on the frequence of inundation events and along with exposure analysis provides a footing for all inundation control steps ( Kaschube, 2006, p 50 ) .

2.4.2. Protection of Flood Prone Lands

Vulnerability analysis and function provide critical inputs for the preparation of policies and programmes for commanding the incidence and impact of countries that are susceptible to inundations ( Johnson, et Al, 2007, p 374 ) . Policies and programmes for effectual inundation control frequently envisage carefully thought out controls over fresh development in inundation prone countries, along with programmes for decrease of harm to bing development ( Johnson, et Al, 2007, p 374 ) . Such policies are needed to restrict the increasing economic and societal losingss that come about from inundations ( Johnson, et Al, 2007, p 374 ) .

Flood control programmes should in the first topographic point focal point on alternate use of lands confronting inundation hazards ( Krischenbaum, 2004, p 57-60 ) . It is frequently better to district such lands and utilize them for Parkss or other nature countries, instead than to believe of steps to protect future development from inundations ( Krischenbaum, 2004, p 57-60 ) . Zoning along with appropriate steps for inundation proofing can assist significantly in extenuation of amendss from future inundations ( Lerner, 1998, p 35 ) . However the concluding public-service corporation of such steps depends upon care and enforcement ( Lerner, 1998, p 35 ) . Many local governments, who are under developmental force per unit area, have shown inclinations to loosen up their base on inundation control as old ages pass by without the happening of inundations ( Lerner, 1998, p 35 ) .

2.4.3. Climatological Forecasting and Geographic Information Systems

Significant progresss in techniques and methods for climatological prediction have now made it a really utile tool for extenuation of deluging hazards ( Kotter, 2003, p 78-86 ) . Such prediction entails the correlativity of utmost events to major changes in ocean and atmospheric circulation forms ( Kotter, 2003, p 78-86 ) . The designation of such forms helps in calculating storm activity with well greater truth than what could be done in the yesteryear ( Kron, 2000, p 570-581 ) . Climatological prediction provides of import information for betterment of exigency response preparedness ( Kron, 2000, p 570-581 ) . Such prognosiss are besides helpful for increasing handiness of reservoir storage and for constructing consciousness of deluging possible ( Kron, 2000, p 570-581 ) . Such steps can decrease flooding badness, as and when inundations occur ( Kotter, 2003, p 78-86 ) . Forecasting of utmost implosion therapy can assist local governments in taking preventative actions such as stacking up of sand bags, set uping for supplies of nutrient and H2O, and taking high value goods ( Kotter, 2003, p 78-86 ) . Climatological prediction helps in constructing public consciousness of the possible impact of inundations, foregrounding expected public responses, and transporting out drills to measure grade of readiness ( Kron, 2000, p 570-581 ) .

Geographic Information Systems ( GIS ) represent package driven information and direction systems that help in prediction of H2O flows and in development of exigency responses ( Penning-Rowsell & A ; Tapsell, 2004, p 6-38 ) . Such systems use informations from assorted beginnings, combine them appropriately, and thenceforth supply information for specific locations ( Penning-Rowsell & A ; Tapsell, 2004, p 6-38 ) . Data on vegetive screen is for illustration combined with information on dirt and incline of land to measure infiltration rates for intents of prediction ( Penning-Rowsell & A ; Tapsell, 2004, p 6-38 ) . Climatological prediction and geographical information systems, when used in combination, can be helpful in supplying information for the pickings of a scope of precautional steps for the extenuation of the impact of inundations ( Penning-Rowsell & A ; Tapsell, 2004, p 6-38 ) .

2.4.4. Structural Measures

Structural steps represent the project of a broad scope of infrastructural activities that aim to protect parts from the desolation that can be caused by inundations ( Munich Re, 2000, p 1-5 ) . Such structural steps mostly consist of protective infrastructural development like reservoirs for inundation storage, the recreation of inundation H2O for storage in side channels or to other H2O sheds, and the edifice of storm channels that can transport H2O around hazard prone countries ( Munich Re, 2000, p 1-5 ) . These structural steps can be built to guarantee assorted protection degrees and can assist significantly in decrease of inundation harm ( MRSC, 2010, p1 ) . The building of structural work is influenced by ( a ) determined criterions for protection against inundations, ( B ) costs and benefits of planned constructions, and ( degree Celsius ) the demand to fulfill determined hazard degrees ( MRSC, 2010, p1 ) .

The project of protective substructure is of import when ( a ) significant substructure is already in topographic point, and ( B ) the costs of protecting such development is expected to be well less than what can be expected to originate out of resettlement of such substructure, lost economic activity, Reconstruction of damaged substructure, or catastrophe alleviation and aid ( Pelling, 2003, p 8-23 ) . The illustration of Winnipeg in Canada underlines the importance of battle in appropriate structural steps ( Pelling, 2003, p 8-23 ) . Structural inundation protection steps amounting to USD 92 million were completed for the metropolis in the sixtiess ( Pelling, 2003, p 8-23 ) . It is estimated that these constructions minimised the impact of five inundations that occurred since so and prevented amendss that would hold cost about USD 2 billion to mend ( Pelling, 2003, p 8-23 ) .

The hard-on of protective substructure frequently leads to increase in developmental activities in countries that are at hazard from inundations, because of premises that such countries become safe from inundations after the executing of structural step ( Hultman & A ; Bozmoski, 2006, p 25 ) . Such premises can nevertheless turn out to be misplaced and lead to over development with attendant addition in the exposure of such countries to inundations. Storage dikes can turn out to be highly unsafe when development in environing countries exceeds specified thresholds, because unforeseen degrees of rainfall can take to fleet addition in H2O degrees, thereby doing exigency and emptying responses really disputing ( Hultman & A ; Bozmoski, 2006, p 25 ) .

Structural work, to be successful against inundation protection, must be accompanied by systematic and established programmes for appraisal, fix and care, in order to keep originally specified design capablenesss. Canals, channels, and butchs, may, for illustration, be weakened by progressive eroding, motion of animate beings or hard-on of public-service corporation installations. Such infrastructural work demand to be subjected to carefully thought out safety programmes, in conformity with established guidelines and criterions.

All new building allowed in inundation prone countries should integrate inundation protection steps in order to cut down the potency for future harm ( Kahn, 2005, p 271-284 ) . Constructing codifications should integrate steps for cut downing flood harm by guaranting that of import public-service corporations are located above expected floor degrees ( Kahn, 2005, p 271-284 ) . Items that can non be moved off easy should non be allowed to be stored in cellars or land floors ( Kahn, 2005, p 271-284 ) . Whilst leting new development, attention must be taken to guarantee that such development will non take to important addition of flood Waterss and thereby addition hazards to the complete country ( Kahn, 2005, p 271-284 ) .

Protection of bing constructions from inundations is frequently a challenging and expensive procedure ( Handmer, 1987, p 51-58 ) . Some authoritiess have related station inundation catastrophe aid to the committedness of Reconstruction methods that will cut down future amendss from inundations ( Handmer, 1987, p 51-58 ) . Such a scheme becomes specifically utile where deluging takes topographic point frequently and pecuniary aid for catastrophe aid is an built-in constituent of catastrophe policies ( Pielke Jr. , 2000, p 5-12 ) . Flood protection of bing constructions and edifices can integrate steps like raising the degree of constructions to forestall future injury, motion of public-service corporations, change in usage of edifices, puting up of protective walls, edifice of waterproof enclosures, and use of stuffs that are immune to H2O and can be restored easy after inundation events ( Pielke Jr. , 2000, p 5-12 ) .

The resettlement of bing constructions to other countries that are at lesser hazards from inundations is besides a possible, though hard option ( Newson, 1997, p 22-36 ) . Resettlement for peculiarly vulnerable constructions may nevertheless be imperative in certain instances, despite the associated troubles and disbursals ( Newson, 1997, p 22-36 ) . Particular edifices may be at such great hazard that no sum of inundation proofing steps may be sufficient to guarantee coveted degrees of safety ( Newson, 1997, p 22-36 ) . Local governments need to be steadfast in such state of affairss and guarantee resettlement in order to forestall extended loss to belongings and life in future inundation events ( Newson, 1997, p 22-36 ) .

Numerous critical public-service corporation services like power lines, H2O pipes and telephone overseas telegrams frequently cross flood prone countries and acquire well damaged during inundation events, with attendant break to normal life, trouble in execution of exigency alleviation steps, and increased dangers from disease and epidemics ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) . Such public-service corporations can be efficaciously protected against the dangers of implosion therapy by taking attention to guarantee excess burial deepness, better criterions for open parts, and arrangement of constituents above expected inundation degrees ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) .

Particular attention demands to be taken for hard-on of H2O supply and intervention substructure ( Hickcox, 1994, p 27 ) . Such constitutions are frequently located in inundation prone countries, despite their importance for safety of human wellness, both during the class of and subsequent to deluge events ( Hickcox, 1994, p 27 ) . Care must be taken to protect such constructions from inundations and their design should guarantee bar of cross taint from sewerage or inundation Waterss ( Hickcox, 1994, p 27 ) .

Bridges by and big cut down H2O flows and frequently lead to the formation of unreal dikes, when dust collides and builds up on such constructions ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) . The hydraulic characteristics of Bridgess and roads in inundation prone countries must be assessed during their design phase in order to forestall undue addition of upstream H2O degrees ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) . Bridges play of import functions in care of entree for the remotion of affected people and for transit of exigency and medical service ( Haeuber & A ; Michener, 1998, p 74 ) . Important transit corridors should be designed and built to criterions necessary for their withstanding of deluging events ( Haeuber & A ; Michener, 1998, p 74 ) . It is of import to implement needed criterions and codifications for countries at hazard from inundations ( Haeuber & A ; Michener, 1998, p 74 ) . Whilst most developmental experts agree that such criterions are every bit of import as the planning and executing of structural inundation control methods, strong inclinations frequently arise amongst planning and local governments to divert from of import and carefully formulated regulations with the transition of clip, as memories of inundations and their effects bit by bit melt away ( Haeuber & A ; Michener, 1998, p 74 ) .

Suitable enforcement ordinances including application of punishments need to be incorporated into care procedures in order to guarantee the continuation and effectivity of assorted inundation control steps ( Lerner, 1998, p 35 ) . Audited account processs for look intoing the effectivity of coveted inundation control steps should in the normal class be carried out by impartial checking bureaus, along with engagement of interested parties, in order to guarantee satisfaction of laid down criterions and codifications ( Lerner, 1998, p 35 ) . The debut of governmental ordinances naming for confirmation of required designed lifts or satisfaction of inundation proofing methods can significantly assist in betterment of inundation control measures on appropriately broad graduated tables ( Penning-Rowsell & A ; Tapsell, 2004, p 6-38 ) . The engagement of imparting Bankss and insurance companies can assist in this procedure, because of the involvement of such bureaus in safeguarding their investings ( Penning-Rowsell & A ; Tapsell, 2004, p 6-38 ) .

2.4.5. Non structural steps

The usage of non structural steps for inundation bar and control are peculiarly relevant in inundation prone countries that are yet to be developed ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) . Whilst non structural steps complement structural attacks in developed countries where extra development is being thought of and planned, they can besides be used independently in countries that are barely developed ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) .

Planning of land usage by local or municipal governments can assist significantly in cut downing amendss from future inundations ( Penning-Rowsell & A ; Tapsell, 2004, p 6-38 ) . The land aboard river Bankss, lakes and seas can be developed for Parkss, walk ways and other recreational uses ( Penning-Rowsell & A ; Tapsell, 2004, p 6-38 ) . Supportive substructure by manner of field day installations and rinsing and altering suites can be safeguarded against inundations ( Kahn, 2005, p 271-284 ) . These countries can besides be used for undertakings like golf classs ( Penning-Rowsell & A ; Tapsell, 2004, p 6-38 ) . It is of import to guarantee than programs for inundation prone countries are integrated into broader developmental programs for contagious and environing parts ( Penning-Rowsell & A ; Tapsell, 2004, p 6-38 ) .

The best method for decrease of amendss from inundations in inundation prone countries is by bar of development in such lands ( Krischenbaum, 2004, p 57-60 ) . Zoning of land dramas an of import function in such exercisings ( Krischenbaum, 2004, p 57-60 ) . Such zoning can be efficaciously used to understate inundation harm and yet suit other compatible types of land usage ( Krischenbaum, 2004, p 57-60 ) . Whilst flood prone lands can be utilised for agricultural intents, it should be ensured that back uping constructions are either safeguarded from inundations, or located at a distance from such countries ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) . It is of import to guarantee that people, farm animal, equipment and shops can be removed fleetly in the event of inundation warnings ( Kron, 2005, p 58-68 ) .

2.4.7. Civic Disaster Management Systems and Practices

Whilst it is accepted that catastrophes strike at random and in the unlikeliest of topographic points and as such can non be avoided, surveies of metropolis planning reveal that the impact of such catastrophes can be greatly mitigated through carefully planned and good enforced catastrophe response and direction systems ( Hultman & A ; Bozmoski, 2006, p 25 ) . Cities and towns are prone to a scope of catastrophes from events like temblors, storms and inundations ( Hultman & A ; Bozmoski, 2006, p 25 ) . Disaster response and direction programs are developed after analyzing assorted facets of the catastrophes that can happen and their deductions for specific urban habitations ( Kahn, 2005, p 271-284 ) . Such surveies include probe and analysis of physical and geographical facets, location of countries of exposure, appraisal of available resources, development and acquisition of needed resources and assorted civic activities by disposal governments, on their ain and in coaction with occupants for reacting to and pull offing catastrophes ( Kahn, 2005, p 271-284 ) .

Vulnerability can happen because of assorted factors like over development, mass fold and presence of risky stuffs ( Kotter, 2003, p 78-86 ) . Disaster direction programs have to pay peculiar attending to extremely vulnerable countries ( Kotter, 2003, p 78-86 ) . Disaster direction is basically the duty of civic functionaries who need to develop and hold mechanisms in topographic point for supplying needed alleviation to affected countries and populations every bit fleetly as possible ( Kotter, 2003, p 78-86 ) . Such readying includes arrested development of duty, development of response squads carry oning of suited preparation and orientation exercisings and set uping for appropriate communicating and transit installations that will run in times of catastrophe ( Kotter, 2003, p 78-86 ) .

Public consciousness sing impact of catastrophes and required public response drama really of import functions in creative activity of public consciousness and engagement ( Hultman & A ; Bozmoski, 2006, p 25 ) . Such consciousness is built through different signifiers of communicating, the retention of workshops and seminars and the conducting of appropriate drills ( Hultman & A ; Bozmoski, 2006, p 25 ) . Insurance is really of import to force in the inauspicious impacts of catastrophes. Public consciousness for insurance of life and belongings against catastrophes helps non merely in creative activities of consciousness but in existent steps for protection of life and belongings ( Johnson, et Al, 2007, p 374 ) . The engagement of insurance companies besides automatically leads to the execution of a figure of precautional steps that reinforce catastrophe response and direction attempts ( Johnson, et Al, 2007, p 374 ) .

It has been seen clip and once more that readiness for catastrophes tends to melt with the passing of clip after the happening of great catastrophes ( Guenni, et Al, 2005, p 1 ) . This non merely leads to unpreparedness but besides nullifies the attempts and outgo that were made in the wake of old catastrophes ( Kaschube, 2006, p 50 ) . The care of a high degree of watchfulness is therefore the most of import component of a successful catastrophe response and direction programme ( Kaschube, 2006, p 50 ) .

2.4.8. Impact of Floods at Jeddah

Flash inundations hit the town of Jeddah on the forenoon of Wednesday November 25, 2009 ( Al-Bargi, A. , 2009, p 1 ) . Heavy rain since the forenoon led to H2O logging and increase in H2O degrees in many parts of the metropolis ( Al-Bargi, A. , 2009, p 1 ) . The metropolis experienced rainfall that usually occurs in a twelvemonth in the desert metropolis in merely four hours ( Al-Bargi, A. , 2009, p 1 ) . Whilst some municipality vehicles were brought into service for pumping out H2O, their degrees continued to lift and the resulting downpour swept off autos, piled them up into mangled tonss of Fe and wholly submerged them in some parts of the metropolis ( Alice & A ; King, 2009, p 1 ) . Many of the deceases in the metropolis occurred either because of submerging or in auto clangs ( Alice & A ; King, 2009, p 1 ) . Some people were reportedly killed because of fall ining of Bridgess ( Alice & A ; King, 2009, p 1 ) .

Eye informants province that alleviation was non forthcoming in any manner from the metropolis disposal governments and people were unable to see police autos or civil defense mechanism choppers ( Al-Sulami, 2010, p 1 ) . The inundations revealed a entire absence of exigency response and catastrophe direction systems in the metropolis ( Al-Sulami, 2010, p 1 ) . Whilst the rains were so heavy during the few hours for which they occurred, it needs to be realised that around three inches of H2O fell within four on November 25, a figure that is laughably low in comparing to the rainfall that occurs during the monsoons in metropoliss like Mumbai, where life ‘s goes on without break despite much greater incidence of rainfall ( Asia News, 2009, p 1 ) .

An probe of past media studies reveals that the authorities had allocated and exhausted 1000000s of dollars in developing the substructure and drainage of the metropolis ( Al-Zahrani, 2009, p 1 ) . Despite such outgo, the metropolis lacked a sewerage system and family and other waste used to be stored in belowground Ce armored combat vehicles, from which it was evacuated by trucks and dumped into the musk lake, situated at the short distance from the metropolis ( Al-Zahrani, 2009, p 1 ) . It is estimated that about 1200 oilers of waste arising from the metropolis has been dumped everyday in the lake for decennaries ( AL-Ahmed, 2009, p 1 ) . The absence of a sewerage system raised the apparition of taint of the metropolis ‘s imbibing H2O by overruning cess armored combat vehicles and led to frights of disease and epidemics. Even today, merely 30 % of the metropolis is protected by drainage ( AL-Ahmed, 2009, p 1 ) .

The studies that followed the inundations were incensed and reproachful of the indifference of the Royal Family and the inefficiency, corruptness, apathy and unpreparedness of the disposal, many of whom had been diverted to Haj responsibility at Mecca ( AL-Ahmed, 2009, p 1 ) .

“ Many Saudis are inquiring how such a calamity could happen in one of the universe ‘s richest states and in its second-largest and most widely distributed cityaˆ¦ Jeddah is a great illustration of corruptionaˆ¦ The Al Saud folk, led by the male monarch, has ruled since 1932 bears all the incrimination for the catastrophe in Jeddah and all the authorities failures for the past 80 yearsaˆ¦No one should fault lazy municipal workers or rip offing contractors, or even senior authorities functionaries who work under the Al Saud. Simply, we must fault the foreman, the large foreman. That ‘s where the vaulting horse stops. ”

( Al Ahmed, 2009, p1 )

The strength of local and international reaction to the unpreparedness of the metropolis has resulted in the induction of a figure of disciplinary and preparative stairss. Some of these are elaborate below.

Complete H2O drainage from a lake behind a precautional dike.

Review and probe of all programs and systems for direction of crises and exigencies

Construction of big sewerage grapevines above the land for emptying sewerage into the sea.

Installation of pipes for connexion of H2O in Al-Samr Dam

Construction of a 3rd clay dike to move as a 2nd line of defense mechanism to defy the flood from the lake to the north drainage canal.

Expansion of sewerage intervention works near the lake

Connection of the metropolis to the GPS

2.5. Research Questions

Detailed survey of relevant literature, along with due consideration of the purposes and aims of the thesis, lead to the framing of the undermentioned research inquiries: