Foreign Language Requirement

In the persuasive argument All Students Should be Required to Study a Foreign Language, posted on 123helpme. com the writer makes the argument that all Americans should have some type of formal education in a foreign language. The writer gives a few good reasons supporting his claim. The benefits given are better race relations for the country as well as an improved foreign interest. The writer is basing his claim on the solid assumption that language is the most fundamental aspect of a culture and when doing business abroad language barriers can be a burden.

The argument even goes on to say that incorporating foreign language into the American society will create a more well-rounded society. “Foreign language skills can have a positive impact on race relations in America. ” stated in the second paragraph of the argument. It is a known fact that the number of minorities in America are continually increasing. American students that study a foreign language of the predominate minority group in their region of the county have a better insight to the minority’s culture.

Understanding a minority’s language can help natives understand their neighbors culturally and on a personal level. “If we take these bits of insight and understanding and couple them with compassion, fertile ground for multicultural harmony in America will be sown. ” says the writer. Foreign language skill can definitely improve domestic affairs. America is a part of the global economy which involves American and foreign interaction. Having language barriers can be a burden when it comes to foreign interest.

Most foreign businessmen speak English for the benefit of making money in American businesses. It is assumed that if American businessmen had foreign language skills they should be more successful at the bargaining table. Foreign language skill can also improve foreign relations. “If American ambassadors, envoys, diplomats and representatives were able to speak the language of their counterparts, conflicts could be resolved more easily. ” the writer states. Foreign language can surely prove useful for foreign interest.

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Foreign Language Requirement
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All American students should be required to study a foreign language. This argument is valid and convincing due to its sufficient facts on the matter. The author gives 2 very reasonable claims towards the argument. Each point happens to be logical. The author evens points out counter arguments, which seem a bit closed minded and a bit unreasonable. Therefore the argument has certainly been made. . “All Students Should be Required to Sudy a Foreign Language. ” 123HelpMe. com. 11 Oct. 2012 http://www. 123HelpMe. com/view. asp? id=20601.

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