“Friendship. Does It Exist Nowadays?”

???????? ??????????? ?? ??????????? ????? ? 9 “?” ??????. ???? : “Friendship. Does it exist nowadays? ” ???? ? ??????: • ?????????????? ????????? ??????? ?? ???? “Friendship”. • ????????? ? ???????? ?????? ????????? ???????????? ????????? ???????? ? ????? ?????????; • ????????? ?????? ? ?????? ?????????????? ? ????????????? ???? • ????????? ??????????????? ?????? ????????; • ????????? ?????? ???????? ? ???????; ????? ??????: ???????????, ?????????. ?????????: ??????????? ????????, ?????????? ??? ???????????: 1. ??????????????? ?????? (3 ???. ): -Every person has a devoted friend and their relations are called friendship. Could you give the definition of the word friendship? Friendship means relations between people who help each other, have common interests and hobbies, and share the same opinions. So, it’s great! 2. ??????????? ????????? ??????? ?? ???? ( 5 ???. ): -The title of today’s special lesson called friendship. What words can you bring out as associations with a good friend and with a bad friend? (at the blackboard). Support Appreciate Betray Envy Feel jealous Ignore Honest Quarrel Defend – Children, do you know any proverbs about friends? One man – no man; One for all, all for one.

A man is known by his friends. -I see, children, you know a lot! Good for you! -And I have some new proverbs for you. Look and match them! (at the blackboard). |A man is known… |buy friendship | |Money can’t… |by the company he keeps | |A true friend… |is to be one | |The only way to have a friend… |is the medicine of life | . ???????? ??????????????? ??????? (7 ???. ): – And now I’ll give you a card with a question, you should address this question to any person. • Do you have many friends? • What is friendship for you? • What is special about your friends? • What is your friend like? • Why do we like our friends? • What shows that you are friends? • Does your friend support you? • Do you appreciate your friend’s advice? • Does your friend envy your success? • Do you have a friend in your class? • Is your friend a kind person? • Is your friend talkative? • Is your friend honest? Do you like spending time with your friend? How? 4. ???????? ?????????? ???????: (12 ???. ) -Thank you, children. And now – a special task for you. You see on your papers an extract from Oscar Wilde’s story. Could you translate the title? Let’s listen to the story and say who was the devoted friend. (??????? ??????? ????????? ?????). Oscar Wilde. The Devoted Friend. Once upon a time there was a young man whose name was Hans. He lived alone in little house. He had a lovely garden where he worked every day. His garden was the best in the village and there were a lot of beautiful flowers in it.

Little Hans had a devoted friend, big Hugh the Miller. Indeed, the rich Miller was so devoted to little Hans, that he always picked some flowers or took some fruit when he was passing Han’s garden. “Real friends must have everything in common,” the Miller used to say, and Hans smiled and felt very proud that a friend with such noble ideas. Sometimes the neighbours were surprised that the rich Miller never gave little Hans anything, but Hans never thought about these things. He worked and worked in his garden. In spring, summer and autumn he was very happy.

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“Friendship. Does It Exist Nowadays?”
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Tom: Is there any difference between girls’ friendship and boys’ friendship? Mary: Yeah, definitely. I mean, it’s much more important for girls having close friends, we can tell each other everything, you know, our secrets and our feelings. We depend on each other much more. If I am upset, I know, I can get support from my best friend. Well, not, actually, from my best friend, but two or three other good friends, as well. Boys are not just like that. They always talk about things: sports, films, technology, whatever, never their feelings. Tom: OK, that’s true most of the times.

But we can be very good, very close friends. I know some of my friends would lend me money or support me in a difficult situation. Mary: Boys don’t stick with their old friends. They are always getting new ones. My two best friends are from primary school, so I’ve known them for 15 years. Haven’t you got a friend from primary school? Tom: Well, no. The thing is they have changed, I’ve changed. I don’t think, it’s a good thing to keep the same friends forever. I just mean, it’s boring. -So, children, is there any difference between girls’ friendship and boys’ friendship? 7. ???????? ??????????????? ???????: ( 8 ???. -And now let’s speak about an ideal friend. Make a small message on theme “An Ideal Friend”. Work in groups of 4. Pay attention to the following aspects: -Character -His or her attention to you 8. ?????????? ??????: -In conclusion I want to say that not everybody has a real friend. But if we have such a friend it makes our life happier and more interesting. It’s dear to us and we should care for friendship. Especially nowadays it’s necessary, perhaps more than ever to have a devoted friend. Let’s be patient and love each other. “Real friendship cannot be bought at a fair”.

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