Generally, Laggard High School is a safe place for students.

Generally, Laggard High School is a safe place for students.

The buildings and classrooms are well-structured and convenient for both teachers and students. I feel safe inside these classrooms since they are complete with the facilities and materials we need for teaching and learning.

Moreover, I also feel safe in school because of the presence of the fire service. Probable fire incidents, as well as other untoward emergencies that may happen in the building, can be easily prevented because of an efficient and effective fire service just across the street.

Being bounded by an ivy-league university like the Baylor University creates a positive influence on the part of the students as well as the community. Since high school students see what university students do, they pretty much have an idea of what life in the university is, which could lead them to pursue their own education, if not in Baylor, then in other colleges or universities in the city or in another state.

It is a good thing that Baylor is there because as early as freshman in high school, a student can already be influenced to think about what course or study to pursue. Furthermore, since Baylor is a Christian school, particularly the largest Baptist university in the world in terms of enrollment, it fosters a caring and sensitive atmosphere not just for the students in Baylor but also for the whole of the community. Baylor University’s presence generates a sense of safety and security on my part, because I do not have to worry much about Laggard High School’s students’ future.

However, not all areas in and around Laggard High School foster a friendly and safe ambiance. Since numerous cars enter through the main entrance and students need to stay behind the main door until 8:30 in the morning, possible accidents may happen. Students flock near the main entrance to wait for time as cars come and go. This could be a trouble area especially for students entering the school and those closest to the car park, who are consumed with their conversations that they do not notice the cars coming in and out of the school premises. This somehow unsafe and trouble area can be fixed by having someone monitor or guard the students coming in as well as the cars that enter and leave the school premises.

Also, a conducive and comfortable waiting area, where students who come in early can stay, should also be designated. Another possible solution is letting the students enter 10 minutes before the time so that they can settle and be safe inside their classrooms. In addition, some cars entering the main entrance can use the entrance near Central Avenue so that the number of cars entering along with the students via the main entrance will be lessened, thus less accidents are avoided.

Another area I do not feel safe in is the cafeteria. This could be another possible trouble spot because the area lacks adequate monitoring. There should be someone designated to monitor the hall. Monitoring would include watching over the behavior of the students to avoid any untoward trouble among them, as well as restricting the students to go from the cafeteria to the playground. Some students use the cafeteria to sneak out and play in the playground.

And since the school lacks sufficient monitoring on some areas and on students’ behavior, we do not know if they could be safe in their playing. Moreover, since they have easy access to the playground, they are influenced to stay there longer than they are supposed to. We do not want this because our real focus is their learning inside the classroom. Students should be advised to know their time for study and their time for play.

The Laggard High School is generally a very conducive and safe place for students, but then it also faces monitoring problems that need to be studied so that students, teachers, and parents would feel much safer.