Geologic Time

The longest subdivision in geologic time
This division of Geologic Time had tropical climates and warm shallow seas
Paleozoic Era
A type of organism that no longer exists
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Geologic Time
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Eras are divided into
The Cenozoic Era is often called the Age of
This division of Geologic Time is characterized by major ice ages
Dinosaurs were dominant in which era
Humans first appeared during what era
The Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic are divisions called
A record of the life forms and geologic events in history
Geologic Time Scale
Volcanoes made life difficult during this part of Geologic Time
Which era has been divided into epochs
The process by which certain organisms survive and reproduce
Natural Selection
Flowering plants were most common during what era
Geologic Time is divided into units based upon types of
Which era consisted of ferns, mosses, and come-bearing plants
Species changing over time to survive and reproduce in their environment are undergoing what process
Natural Selection
The division of Earth’s history into smaller units makes up the
Geologic Time Scale
Name the era,period, and epoch in which we live
Cenozoic, Quaternary, and Holocene
The characteristics that some animals can camouflage themselves from their predators is an
Examples of natural factors that cause extinction are
Volcanic eruptions and global warming
Examples of man-made factors that cause extinction are
Pollution and over-harvesting
The formation of oceans and the atmosphere had the most influence on what Geologic Time
What do scientists think caused the mass extinction of dinosaurs at the end of the Mesozoic Era
An asteroid hitting Earth .
The order of the Geologic Time Scale ( Longest to Shortest ).
Eon, era, period, and epoch

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