Goals of Education

Ani Antonyan Goals of Education Education has been playing a rather important role in the development of mankind since the genesis of humanity. It has passed through different time periods and, consequently, through different modes. Even kings and queens of unmemorable times attached great importance to education as in it they saw the future of their nations. We also should realize what a great role it plays in our lives and in the future of our countries.

In fact education is essential for every individual to develop its personality and find its place in the society, meanwhile, as we know, each society and nation, consists of individuals , thus it is significant for progress of countries as well. Educated people are more confident and normally know what they want from this life. Education helps to form character and develop personality. It shapes critical thinking , and analytical abilities which are substantial for each person who wants to achieve heights .

The more you study, the more you need to study , thus an endless process of learning starts. Whilst you study your brain is working. And this is the pledge of staying young and energetic. After all let’s not forget that it gives us special qualification to find jobs and earn our living. Educated people are needed in each sphere of life and there is no way out without them, because they are able to demonstrate professional treatment.

It is a general knowledge that the whole consists of parts. The same way the society consists of individuals, who live, work and communicate within the scopes of that society . Therefore the many educated people form the kernel of society the more it is prone to advance. That’s why so many governors are concerned to have educated generation who will worthily appreciate the inheritance they have and add to it innovations in order to leave it for next, hopefully more educated generation.

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Goals of Education
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Thus , the main goals of education are helping people to be more literate and self-confident and keep the brain in healthy condition . Having received worthy education you can necessarily be useful to your country and such people as you. Besides, being educated you have more possibilities to find a good job and to provide a worthwhile living for yourself and your family. Finally let’s keep in mind that it is interesting to communicate with a person who’s educated. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the significance of education.

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